Jockey Matt Garcia was arrested

Matt Garcia, a jockey, was arrested in Del Mar paddock Before his race on Friday, Aug 29. Matt Garcia pleaded not guilty to charges of threatening his estranged wife and two police officers in a LA county.

Matt Garcia’s bail was set at $50,000. Garcia is now in remand in Pasadenia’s jail. Matt Garcia supposedly made calls to threaten his wife in Monrovia. An officer was present at her home to take the report when Garcia called and told the police officer he had a gun and intended to shoot his wife. Matt Garcia was arrested after he saw police waiting for him to complete his race on Friday. Police were worried that he would try to escape so they moved in and arrested him before his race. It was dramatic for the spectators who saw Garcia being led away in handcuffs.

Matt Garcia goes before the court on Sept 18.

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