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Dec 072008

Updated Jan 11 2010 – Joan Rich, 40, has given birth to the couple’s first child, Cash Rich. John Rich, 36, has become the father of a son.

October 21 – John Rich and his wife, Joan Rich, are expecting a baby. Joan, 39, and John, 35, are a private couple who have kept their personal lives out of the media.

Joan Rich runs a modeling agency in Houston. Joan had dated John for 5 years before tying the knot last December.

May 29 2009 –
Jared Ashley sued John Rich: Ashley & Rich lawsuit

Jared Ashley sued John Rich for assault and harassment. Ashley, a former Nashville Star contestant, claimed John Rich smacked his face. Rich counter-sued Ashley for defamation for sullying his good name.

John Rich surrendered to Nashville police. Rich was charged on 2 misdemeanor counts of assault and 1 count of harassment. John Rich was released on a $2000 bond. Rich claimed Ashley’s charges were false. Rich claimed Ashley offered him $2.9 million to drop his defamation lawsuit.

John Rich is one half of the duo, Big & Rich. Big Jenny is on a hiatus to recuperate from an injury. Rich has released his second solo album, “Son of a Preacher Man”, in March.

John Rich has been sued by Jerry Montano, the ex bassist for Danzig. Montano claimed Rich gave him bad injuries in a fight in October 2008.

Dec 7 2008
John Rich & Joan Bush marry: Rich Bush marriage (photo)

John Rich is better known in the context of “Big & Rich”, a band. Rich is also the host of “Gone Country.” Joan Bush is an ex model who manages a modelling agency in Houston. The wedding of John Rich and Joan Bush was attended by around 24 family members. John Rich and Joan Bush had dated quietly for the past 5 years and avoided appearing together at public events. The photo of John Rich is at the link.

John Rich has indicated he would not be sharing his wedding photos and other information with the public.

John Rich has a new solo album. The first single, “Another You,” was recently released.

More pictures of John Rich are at the link.

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  14 Responses to “Joan Rich and John Rich expecting new baby (photo)”

  1. I wouldnt claim that he is or was a cheater. And, even if he was, there was nothing anyone could do about it. I was involved with John for nearly two years and I was seeing someone on the side whom I had been with for five years. Of course, neither of us were happy with our intimate lives back home, but…thats the life of a star…I guess. He’s still a great guy, and I am very happy for him and his new wife and son! When I announced to him that I was expecting, he was so happy for me…so he has a great life I am sure, everyone should do without all of the accusations.

  2. I happened on these comments and with all the accusations with NO explanation of what you’re
    claim was going on, sounds as if you are pulling
    stories out of your behind, as they say. That
    makes everyone with their unsubstantiated stories
    total losers, and certainly much worse than you claim John Rich is. Grow up. You’re sickening.

  3. When and where did the ’suck face w/ john rich’ contest happen?? I have heard of those before.

    Has anyone caught him cheating since the wedding?

  4. Does anyone know for sure if John is a cheater? I have heard the rumors, but that could just be made up by people who don’t like him. Are there any first hand accounts?

  5. Whatever: What did you see John doing? Why mention it if you won’t explain what happened?

  6. The woman is Shanna Crooks of the Muzik Mafia, not his wife.

  7. Yeah, what was John doing that makes you call him a loser? Sounds like it was pretty bad.

  8. Just saw the new video for “Another You”. Does anybody know if the woman in the video is John Rich’s wife ?

  9. was he fooling around w/ drugs or some girl not his wife?

  10. what was he doing???

  11. I ran into John this past weekend and could not believe my eyes with what he was doing. I used to pretty highly of him until this weekend. WHAT A LOSER!!!

  12. for pete’s sake…you don’t think artists have to do lame promotional gigs all the time. you subjugate your personal life to promote your “business”…grow UP and smell the PR machine. people are generally good and we don’t even know these people in their “real” life. quit casting stones. it’s boring! and easy to hate and not look for the good in people!

    by the way – don’t tell me neither of you have ever done some thing you have regretted!?

  13. Birds of a feather….

    She was cheating on her fiance with Rich until her fiance busted her. Losers – both of them.

  14. I cant believe he got married. he didnt seem to be in a relationship when he was at one of our local venues having a ‘suck face w/ john rich’ contest…wow

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