Gene Jones & Jerry Jones scandal

Updated August 6 2014 – Jerry Jones scandal involves racy photos taken in a restroom or bathroom. Jerry Jones, 71, and Gene Jones, 72, have been married for five decades. Their children are Stephen Jones, Jerry Jones Jr and Charlotte Jones. All the Jones children work for Dallas Cowboys. A man released scandalous pictures of the owner of Dallas Cowboys. He claimed another person took the images to blackmail Jones.

One photo shows Jerry Jones, or a look alike, grabbing the breasts of a young blonde. Another picture shows a brunette or dark haired woman’s face leaning close to Jerry Jones’ (or a lookalike man) groin.

Feb 28 2012 – Jim Jones had multiple arrests over a short span of a few days. Jones was arrested for the second time, in a span of 3 days. Jim Jones, the singer, was busted after he was pulled over.

Cops found that he was driving on a suspended licence. On Monday, Feb 27, 2012, Jim Jones got arrested, in New York City.

Jones was previously arrested on Fri, Feb 24, 2012. He was at the MGM Grand, at Foxwoods, when he allegedly became caught in a fight. Police used mace to subdue him, before they could arrest Jones.

Gene Jones & Jerry Jones story above will be updated again as more details are released.

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