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Jan 172009

Jill Kinmont was a good skier who almost went to the Olympics in 1956. In 1955, Jill Kinmont had an accident on the ski slopes. Kinmont fell and became paralyzed. She was almost 19 years old.

Jill Kinmont had a good rehab and went on to graduate from college. Kinmont took on the vocation of being a teacher. Kinmont suffered a second great tragedy when her good friend and boyfriend, Dick Buek, was killed in a plane accident.

Two movies were made out of Jill Kinmont’s life. “The Other Side Of The Mountain” and “The Other Side Of The Mountain II” were based on the life story of Jill Kinmont.

The Other Side Of The Mountain (Movie & Real) – video by Joe Becerra. Becerra knows Jill Kinmont personally. In his video, he shows a postcard Ms Kinmont sent him.

Jill Kinmont wiki.

Window To The Sky – The Otherside Of The Mountain PART1 video.

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  1. The Other Side of The Mountain is my favorite movie of all time. I was 16 years old when i first saw it and wore the album soundtrack out. I wish I could find it on CD. I do own both movies. Marylin Hassett did a marvelous job and I felt she should have been nominated for an academy award. As connected as Ive always been to Jill K. Booth, in March of 2012 I started thinking about her. I went on line and saw she had died in Feb. I cried and wanted to get both films. I found them after much searching. Rest in peace Jill.

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