Jessica Robinson family: Jessica Robinson, winner of “Deal or No Deal” (photo)

Jessica Robinson, 27, is the first winner of “Deal or No Deal.” Jessica Robinson won one million dollars on Monday, September 1, 2008.

Jessica Robinson, of Sandee, Utah, is pregnant and expects to pop her son at the end of September 2008.  Robinson said she had an intuition to pick briefcase number four because there would be 4 people in her family. Jessica Robinson said she would use the money to buy a new home, proper toys from the store, instead of shopping from garage sales. Mr Robinson will get help from his wife, Jessica Robinson, to start a new business.

How many people are there in Jessica Robinson’s family? What is the number of people in Jessica Robinson’s family? In September 2008, it was known that Ms Robinson’s immediate family comprised of 3 people, with her new baby coming along. There are her husband, her elder daughter, her baby and herself. Jessica Robinson has 4 people in her family.

The TV show host, Jessica Robinson, and her family.
The TV show host, Jessica Robinson, and her family.

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