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Mar 092009

Ronald Cotton was wrongly convicted for the rape of Jennifer Thompson-Cannino in 1984. Thompson-Cannino picked Cotton from an identification parade. Thompson-Cannino thought she picked the right guy. Cotton was convicted and sentenced to 50 years in prison.

In 1995, DNA testing was advanced enough to show that Cotton was not the man who raped Thompson-Cannino. Cotton was exonerated and released from prison. Cotton had spent 11 years in prison. Thompson-Cannino was upset that the wrong man was jailed. She met Cotton, who forgave her. Thompson-Cannino and Cotton became friends to try to reform the criminal justice system.

Bobby Leon Poole was the man who looked like Cotton. Poole’s DNA was tested and he was convicted for the rape of Jennifer Thompson-Cannino.

The book “Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption” is written by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino and Ronald Cotton, with the assistance of a professional writer Erin Torneo.

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  1. jennifer thompson should be put in a maximum jail on 24 hour lock down so she can feel the pain she has put ronald cotton.sorry won’t cut it,that might.its a crime to falsely accused someone.until we realized that,there will be many more wrongfully accused.i think people who jump to conclusion and wrongfully accused someone,should be put on trial just like the person they put there.they might think real hard next time before they point the finger.i hate jennifer so much,i can’t even stand to look at her face.and she says she is also a victim,please !@#%$#$%cth.

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