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Aug 212008

Jennifer Servo was assaulted and strangled in her apartment in Abilene, Texas, in 2002. Jennifer Servo started as a reporter in Abilene, Texas. She met Ralph Sepulveda, an ex Army Ranger.

Jennifer Servo

Jennifer Servo

Ralph Sepulveda was tall, dark, handsome, older than Jennifer Servo, rough looking and had many tattoos covering his arms. Jennifer Servo took in Ralph Sepulveda as he decided to move from Montana to her place in Abilene. Jennifer Servo slowly discovered Ralph Sepulveda had a fiancée whom he split up with. Ralph Sepulveda had a child who he never visited. Jennifer Servo told her sister Christa Servo that she was upset with Ralph Sepulveda. Jennifer Servo confided in her friend and colleague at KRBC that Ralph Sepulveda enjoyed choking her while they were having sex.

Eventually, Servo and Sepulveda broke up. Servo then had a new boyfriend, Brian Travers. One day, Jennifer Servo did not show up for work. After two days, her boss asked the apartment manager to check on her. Servo was found dead. Brian Travers and Ralph Sepulveda were suspects. The former was distraught to learn that his girlfriend Servo, was killed. The latter was cool. Both men cooperated with the police fully. At Jennifer Servo’s funeral service, around 300 people showed up. Ralph Sepulveda did not show, nor send any messages. Jennifer Servo’s apartment contained DNA of both Brian Travers and Ralph Sepulveda but that was because they had visited and spent time there when they were friends with her. Police are still investigating.

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  1. This case moved me enough to seek a Master’s in criminal justice. I certainly would love to pour over the case but from what I understand much police work product is still not publicly shared. One of Servo’s ex~co~anchor’s works in Tulsa now, Jen Loren, we went to school together, so the crime affected me deeply.
    My organization does community work, but on a personal note, how could I get ahold of the dad? Google? If you discover an avenue whereby one may contact him, give him this comment. I also have a wordpress account, so I will periodically check in.
    Nice blog, and the upgrades you used show style!
    You know much about CSSheets…? :]

  2. Please post that today Sept. 16th, 2012 was 10 years ago that my niece was murdered. Please pray that justice will be done to the man that killed her so that he will not get away with this brutal murder, and so that our family can finally rest.


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