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Jun 082009

June 20 2010 – George Smith met Tara Reid after spending some 6 days on board their cruise ship. George Smith and his bride, Jennifer Hagel Smith, allegedly met Tara Reid on Mykonos, an island belonging to Greece, on July 4, 2005. Mr Smith asked Reid’s permission to pose for a souvenir picture standing next to her. Later that same night, George Smith disappeared from the ship.

Tara Reid was questioned by investigators about that encounter with George Smith. Reid was upset as she hit back at her interrogators crying – “How many more years are you going to pick on me? There’s other new young bad girls. Move on to someone else!”

Tara Reid loudly proclaimed her innocence in the case of the disappearance of George Smith.

Updated April 25 2010: Deadly Honeymoon resembles a true story. Like The Strangers, which was never 100% based on James Hoyt and Kristen McKay, Deadly Honeymoon is loosely based on a bridegroom who disappears mysteriously. Trevor Forrest and Lindsey Forrest characters maybe based on George Smith & Jennifer Hagel Smith (photos below).

Summer Glau played Lindsey Forrest in Deadly Honeymoon.

Summer Glau

Updated August 2009:
Jennifer Hagel Smith & Jeff Agne: Smith & Agne wedding.
Jennifer Hagel Smith, 29, will marry again. Smith will marry Jeff Agne in autumn this year. The bride-to-be’s father, John Hagel, said their family supported her. George Smith has never been found since his disappearance from the cruise ship.

June 8 2009.

Jennifer Hagel Smith and her husband George Smith IV, of Greenwich, Connecticutt, were passengers on board a Royal Caribbean ship when he disappeared. Hagel Smith and Smith had been drinking on the ill fated night in 2005. The Smith couple was on their honeymoon cruise.

Hagel Smith wants to accept a $1.1 million settlement from Royal Caribbean. George Smith’s family appealed to Stamford Superior Court to get a different settlement. The Smith family claimed Hagel Smith accepted the low amount to avoid embarrassing revelations about her personal conduct.

On the night of George Smith’s disappearance, Jennifer Hagel Smith had passed out after some drinking. Hagel Smith was seen sleeping or unconscious on the floor.

Hagel Smith said the FBI told her there was a 50% chance that her husband could have been killed as a consequence of foul play. George Smith’s body was never found.

George Smith & Jennifer Hagel Smith photos.

George Smith & Jennifer Hagel Smith

George Smith & Jennifer Hagel Smith pictures.

George Smith & Jennifer Hagel Smith

George Smith & Jennifer Hagel Smith.

George Smith & Jennifer Hagel Smith

George Smith & Jennifer Hagel Smith wedding picture.

George Smith & Jennifer Hagel Smith wedding picture

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