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Jan 272009

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were performing during the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII, 5 years ago, when a wardrobe malfunction happened. Timberlake pulled off part of Jackson’s black top and exposed her right breast. Jackson had a star shaped nipple shield on her right boob.

This wardrobe malfunction was named “Nipplegate” as it created huge repercussions for the TV station that aired it live.

Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction video link.

Janet Jackson Superbowl video 2004 link. The costume rip happened at around the 6:10 mark.

The Supreme Court wants the lower court to review on the fine to be imposed on the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction case.

Jan 24 2009

Janet Jackson before weight gain: Janet Jackson after weight gain (photos)

Janet Jackson’s weight gain has been suspected and seen in London on Tuesday, Jan 20. Janet Jackson wore baggy clothing and a large overcoat. Janet Jackson is unlikely to be pregnant as she and her boyfriend have denied it. So the next point to ponder is – is Janet Jackson fat?

A source told Closer magazine that Janet Jackson’s weight gain was due to her extreme yo-yo dieting. Jackson’s boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri, stocks up on junk food like fried chicken, pizza, chocolate and ice –cream. Janet Jackson was rumored to have canceled her shows in 2008 because of her weight gain.

Janet Jackson’s weight gain photos.

Janet Jackson before and after weight gain photos.

Dec 10, 2008
Janet Jackson pregnant false: Jermaine Dupri said Jackson not pregnant

Many websites have written that Janet Jackson, 42, was pregnant. Her boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri, 36, has come out to say those rumors were false. Jackson was sick in October and she canceled some of her tour dates. However, Jackson said she had recovered after treatment.

Janet Jackson addressed the rumors that said she was pregnant. Janet Jackson denied she was pregnant. Jackson said she was far too busy to consider having a baby right now. Jackson said that when her stars are aligned, it will happen for her. While Jackson said she loves children, she said she spoke for herself.

Oct 16 2008

Janet Jackson illness: vestibular migraine

Janet Jackson has finally allowed her mysterious illness to be known. Janet Jackson was said to have vestibular migraine, or migraine associated vertigo. What are the symptoms of vestibular migraine? One sign is bad headache and its subsequent dizzy spell. Janet Jackson had cancelled 9 shows in her current “Rock Witchu” tour.

The remaining dates of Jackson’s concert are here.

Oct 5 2008
Janet Jackson: Janet Jackson cancels 3 more shows

Janet Jackson has canceled her shows in Greensboro (North Carolina), Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale. Jackson’s representative said Janet Jackson had to cancel because she was not fully recovered from her illness.

The cause of her illness was not revealed but it was known that her doctor has ordered her to return home for more treatment. With the inclusion of these three latest shows, Janet Jackson has canceled a total of 6 shows.


Sep 30, 2008

Janet Jackson: Janet Jackson in hospital

Janet Jackson fell ill and was hospitalized on Monday, September 29. Janet Jackson canceled her concert in Montreal, Canada, at the last minute. Jackson, 42, fell ill during her sound check back stage. Janet Jackson was sent to hospital before the show started. Jackson is under observation at the hospital and the show would probably be rescheduled. The nature of her illness was not revealed.

During the past weekend, Jermain Dupri celebrated his birthday with his friends like Ne-Yo, Busta Rhymes, Ice-T and Janet Jackson. Dupri actually vomitted into Janet Jackson’s lap. It was a good thing Janet Jackson was his girlfriend but that could change after his nasty spill. Janet Jackson got up and left the party.


Sep 13 2008

Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction

Janet Jackson has another wardrobe malfunction. Look here. How do you like the latest Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction? She has shaved off some parts and left it bushy on top. Some people thought it could be labeled as a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction and passed it on.

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