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Jun 172010

Jane Leeves was born on April 18, 1961. Leeves is now 49 years old. Jane Leeves is a British actress who had her head-start in the Benny Hill Show, filmed in the UK.

Leeves immigrated to the US and worked in acting jobs. Leeves is best remembered for her portrayal of Daphne Moon, in the TV series, Frasier. Leeves was faithful to her character, staying on for the entire run of the series, which stretched from 1993 to 2004.

Being known for her supporting role in a comedy, Leeves was one of the foremost choices to be cast as Joy in the new comedy, “Hot In Cleveland”.

Jane Leeves had her beginnings in acting in her homeland, England. She was born Amanda Jane Leeves and she was trained in ballet. Leeves soon went into modeling and then acting. Her years of exposure on screen helped her to get more work and better roles.

Jane Leeves married Marshall Coben, an executive working in CBS Paramount Television. Leeves and Coben married on Dec 21, 1996. On Jan 9 2001, Leeves gave birth to their daughter, Isabella Kathryn Coben. Leeves delivered her son, Finn William Leeves Coben on Dec 19, 2003.

Jane Leeves.

Jane Leeves

Jane Leeves with her children Isabella Coben and Finn Coben.

Jane Leeves, Isabella Coben & Finn Coben

Marshall Coben and wife Jane Leeves.

Marshall Coben and wife Jane Leeves

Hot in Cleveland cast.

Hot in Cleveland

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