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Sep 132008

James Sullivan, a millionaire, is accused of hiring a hit man to murder is wife, Lita Sullivan, 35, in 1987. Lita Sullivan was fatally shot by a gun man who arrived carrying roses. Her husband, James Sullivan, disappeared but was arrested in Thailand, 17 years later.

James Sullivan:

James Sullivan

James Sullivan was convicted in March 2006. He was convicted of paying a hit man $25,000 to kill Lita Sullivan. Prosecutors asked for the death penalty for James Sullivan but the jury sentenced Sullivan to life imprisonment without parole. Don Samuel, James Sullivan’s lawyer, has asked for a new trial. Samuel said that the search warrant which was used to search Sullivan’s home for evidence was issued on false pretenses.

The search warrant turned up evidence in the form of James Sullivan’s diaries, which recorded a meeting with a man who helped to arrange the murder. FBI were able to discover that James Sullivan was having an affair, which could be the motive for the murder of Lita Sullivan. Police found financial documents which prosecutors said proved the motive for the murder of Lita Sullivan.

Lita Sullivan’s parents, Emory McClinton and Jo Ann McClinton, expressed their hope that the court will not allow a re-trial.

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