James Hoyt & Kristen McKay: Hoyt McKay murders

Some people associated the new movie The Strangers on the real life murder story of the Hoyt family in 2005. Some people had done research on the Hoyt family murders. Get ready for this…

It does not exist.

There is a Sheriff Hoyt and he is a character in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. He was played by R. Lee Ermy.

Sheriff Hoyt, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, actor R. Lee Ermy.

The reel Sheriff Hoyt has no connection with the Hoyt family murders 2005.

Look for the Keddie murders in this site. There is a post on it.

Updated Mon. June 2 2008.

It seems that James Hoyt and Kristen McKay existed but their records have been deleted away from the internet. The Hoyt family did not want publicity into the murders so they paid for a service called a scrub. The scrub scrubbed away and cleaned up the internet references to James Hoyt and the Hoyt murders. Kristen McKay’s name and references were also removed. The Hoyt family was approached for their rights to the story but they refused to sell out and went the other way.

The Hoyt family’s vacation home at 1801 Clark Road was demolished and totally flattened. The site is bare and is made into an empty space and part of a park.

There is a Clark Road in Clarksville, Arkansas. But …

An internet search turned up many roads in USA with that address. There are more than 10 maps.

So far, there are clues that the real Hoyt and McKay families lived on the upper north east coast of USA.

All traces of the Hoyt murders were removed. It was as if the murders on Feb. 11, 2005 never happened.

The present search results on James Hoyt and Kristen McKay referred to the new data on the movie, The Strangers. There is no data on the deceased victims.

The movie was inspired by some incidents but it did not depict real murders. “The Strangers” was linked to the Manson murders, the Keddie Murders, the Hoyt family murders but the scriptwriter did not use an actual single story to write “The Strangers.”

The emphasis is that “The Strangers” is not based on a single true story.

Updated on March 15 2009:
Oswego County Sheriff’s Office (of NY) has a reference to a “James Hoyt” in an archive found by a search. However, the cached page has been removed. (scrubbed) The murder probably happened in that county as the local officials are handling it. The Hoyt family lives near NY.

Anyone with useful information might send tips to www.co.oswego.ny.us/sheriff

“Oswego County Sheriffs Office James Hoyt incident” search results:
feb – pepperdine box score feb 27 2007 – indium stockhouse feb 20th …
dickson county arrest records feb. hawiian volcano … james hoyt feb 11 2005. feb job fair 2007. headlines for feb 1994. covenant keepers inc feb alumni …
chocolad.barvazon.com/sjpqg/jticj/feb/feb.htm – 63k – Cached

Oswego County:
Oswego County is NW NY State. Oswego lies on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. Oswego county has 2 harbors; Oswego Harbor and Port Ontario.

Updated June 21 2009.

The Strangers Part 2 will be produced by Rogue Pictures. The scriptwriter is Brian Bertino and Laurent Briet is the director.

The Strangers wiki.

A French film named “Them” has a similar plot to The Strangers.

Updated August 2009.

If you read the comments carefully, you will come across an entry by someone who claimed to be the mother/ relative of James Hoyt. She wrote the movie was bad and did not portray the events correctly. She did not reveal other facts. She seemed to be genuine. While she refused to reveal details, she asked for prayers that investigators may find the killers.

Updated March 2010

The Hoyt story probably happened on the north-east coast of US. The families are likely to be living in their same hometowns. While the cabin where the murder took place may be in Oswego County, the Hoyt family lived in another town.

The cabin was in the woods, at a holiday, scenic location. It was a holiday home for vacationing family members. Rumors said the Hoyt family possessed old money and power from an established family business. They are rich and well connected. James Hoyt has at least one or more cousins who, respecting the wishes of the relatives, confirmed the incident but hasn’t diverged details on it.

James Hoyt, RIP.
Kristen McKay, RIP.

Updated May 2014
Google has bowed to a European court to allow internet users to request for their data top be omitted from search engines. On May 30 2014, Google first opened its doors to receive 12,000 requests to scrub their records from searches. Google said it means it is getting approximately 1 request every 7 seconds. It is possible to have search results omitted by search engines. Max Mosley was one of the early ones who took action to have his name and unfavorable pictures removed from Google’s search results. Now Google has standardized a form for applicants to fill in, to erase their history from searches. Now that this is open knowledge, people will have less skepticism about stories like James Hoyt and Kristen McKay.

Updated June 4 2014
People die un-natural deaths every day. Sometimes, a killer goes on a rampage and a massacre is the effect. Murderers may be caught when crimes are committed in the urban city, where the constricted space closes in on the perpetuator. Elliot Rodger was hammed in when squad cars ambushed his black BMW. His parents Peter Rodger and Li Chin Rodger are trying to explain why their son’s Asperger’s Syndrome suddenly became so pronounced. Prescription medication was blamed for magnifying the problems with side effects. Maybe real people like Hoyt and McKay fell victims to mentally ill killers.

Two 12 year old girls named Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser are accused of attempted homicide after their friend was found with 19 stab wounds. These teens were not known to be drug users, but became psychotic when they failed to differentiate between reality and cult. They thought of proving their loyalty to The Slender Man, an internet mythical cult figure, by eliminating his detractor who disbelieved in his existence. Were the parents aware that their daughters worshipped Slenderman? Did anyone else suspect the girls plotted to run away to live with The Slender Man? He was such an icon to the young impressionable minds who liked the macabre. Did Weier and Geyser not consider that their hero could also kill them since legend said he killed children for sport? Weier and Geyser were caught as their victim did not die but gave names to police. In an urban area or frequently traveled area, passersby are among the first responders to crime. If injury was inflicted in a remote area, the victim has precious few recourses to life saving aid. The girls have not been psychiatrically evaluated for formal assessments but based on what Weier’s elder brother William has said, She could have been confused over Slenderman and reality. Indeed media said one of the girls heard voices and thought Slender Man was tracking her behaviors. Hallucinations could have influenced the acts. These are symptoms of mental illness, psychosis, or the side effects of drug consumption. Is it possible the girls experienced mass hysteria from reading scary stories on the Slenderman? Since Hoyt and McKay were adults, they could not have been attacked by cult followers of The Slenderman, who was only created online recently around 2009.

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162 Responses to James Hoyt & Kristen McKay: Hoyt McKay murders

  1. s hutchens

    if the family did not want it posted on the internet then they must have known to make a movie of it would be more money than expected. people exaggerate but hollywood magnifies it. Okay then i will believe the movie for what it is since it says based on true events….

  2. More! Tell me more! about this deranged family, give me some dclues, so I can go off on a wild goose chase of my own!

  3. rhonda

    this show is so f scary.

  4. the killer

    haha u will never catch me! this is real as i commited the crime

  5. bubbles

    WOW!! all of you people are pathetic does it matter yes maybe what was in the movie really did happen but is it our buisness to know i think not and if it really did happen then i feel bad for the family of the victims that had to sit there and watch their horrors be put out there for everybody to see and like people have said it was inspired or based of off so yes they used some details but if you payed attention to what the narrator was saying you would find that they said reports off the things that occured are still UNFREAKINGKNOWN!!!!!!!!!!! so thats their way of saying this isnt really what happened in these murders they are just saying that to get you to watch it so just drop the subject and let the people be

  6. old_guy

    i assume that most of you people on here have college educations and no real life experience. You give your opinions and call people names and try to imply that people are ignorant just because they give the Hoyts the benefit of the doubt.
    Try living a few more years and experience life for real instead of out of a book. It will soften your “black and white” attitude.
    I respect the law enforcement people who have commented on this subject because they are in the trenches every day with this sort of thing.

  7. just think ahead

    I believe that somewhere an actual event similar to this has happened,due to we have some physcotic people in this world,I believe that its just a movie and that if in fact it really did happen with these two individual named in the movie that the family would want the public’s help to solve their family members death especially if they had not been caught.so for those who choose to believe I dont think you’ll get the answer your looking for and for those who choose not to believe just be aware that we have crazy people in this world that would do something so horific as this so just be aware and alert at all times.

  8. s.veal

    god if there stiil alive they should reall sue the dierector for what they did that soo twisted if there not alive R.I.Pbut the movie waz scary but if i was in that sitution i would had start shooting for beating on my door like that in 1st

  9. s.veal

    omg i just gotta know if yoi and james alive becuase sure did mess up the story why would they do that?

  10. Pure Fiction

    It was a movie,and that’s all. The purpose
    was to frighten you. Do any of you actually know
    anyone as stupid as that couple? They made every
    possible WRONG MOVE in a situation like that.
    Always remember to be aware of your location
    and plan accordingly in real life.
    Crimes like the one portrayed in this movie
    are not uncommon, given the twisted sick minds of
    some, cults ect., but more than likely the tables
    would be turned on THEM!
    I personally think EVERY responsible citizen
    should take five minutes of their lifetime, and
    just for shits and giggles, read a chapter or two
    In a pinch, KNOWLEGE can be a DEADLY deturant.

  11. thats really sad

    I just want to know if kristen lived or not!!!

  12. ImSorryitHappned

    I too am here looking to find some real facts, and there are none. I am sorry for the Hoyt family because I believe this did happened. This is America people, I imagine the movie would be only a 10th of the facts with the rest being fiction. Along with parts of other crimes that the film maker thought would spice up his movie to make it better in his opinion. And to change it so he could not be sued.(INSPIRED!!) If something liked this happened to a loved one of mine I would not want it turned into a movie for people to watch or the murder site for people to visit. Its real life pain!! It is a horrific tragedy. People, so silly some times! Its like no one has a right to privacy. I watched it because I like scarey movies. I also like to be aware of the crazy things people are capable of doing. Things I would not imagine or be prepared for otherwise. For the person claming to be “Tammara” your silly, just silly to say some shit like that! You just wanted some attention but it is wrong to play like that! The LORD will punish you for being silly. If you did actually take part in this, which I doubt, you will burn in HELL. The LORD is real. Vengeance is his.

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