Jack Osbourne & Lisa Stelly engagement: Stelly Osbourne marriage wedding

Jack Osbourne, the film director and producer, is getting married, to Lisa Stelly. Jack Osbourne has been working hard behind the scenes and stayed pretty much out of the limelight.

Osbourne used to star in his family’s reality TV show, The Osbournes, before having one of his own. “Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie”, was one of the turning points in his life. He learned martial arts, became disciplined and left the bad influences behind.

Who is Lisa Stelly? She’s a model. She is an aspiring actress. She couldn’t wait to share the news of her engagement to everyone. She called Jack Osbourne, the most amazing man.

Sources said Kelly Osbourne approved of her brother’s choice for a wife. She said Lisa Stelly was the only girlfriend of her brother, that she really liked. Kelly said she used to have to pretend she liked his former girlfriends. Kelly said Lisa was awesome. To her, Jack and Kelly looked like a sweet couple together. Kelly is happy her brother has grown up and shown his readiness to get married and start his own family.

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