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Jun 042010

Ilusion Millan has filed for divorce from her husband, Cesar Millan. Ilusion and Cesar Millan, the star in “Dog Whisperer”, were married for the past 16 years.

Ilusion cited irreconcilable differences as grounds for divorce. However, gossips have hinted that there were other reasons for the divorce.

Ilusion Millan and Cesar Millan have two children together. Ilusion wants joint custody of their children, child support and spousal support. Ilusion and Cesar released a joint statement to affirm their parting as friends, while continuing to co-parent their two sons.

Cesar Millan background.
Cesar Millan was born on Aug 27, 1969. Millan lived the American Dream, raising himself from rags to riches, through sheer hard work.

In 2002, Millan started professional work with dogs as a dog trainer, in his own Dog Psychology Center, in LA. Millan recorded his successful dog training methods in three books, for all posterity to read and follow his methods.

After his books became bestsellers, Millan was offered to present his own TV show, called The Dog Whisperer.

Cesar Millan is a natural dog handler because he grew up with animals on his grand-dad’s farm in Sinaloa, Mexico. When Millan was 21 years old, he moved alone to into the US. Millan found his calling when he started work in a dog grooming saloon. Slowly, he progressed to training dogs and the rest was history.

Cesar Millan and his wife, Ilusion Millan have two sons named Andre Millan, who was born in 1995, and Calvin Millan, born in 2001.

Ilusion Millan & Cesar Millan

Ilusion Millan & Cesar Millan

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  10 Responses to “Ilusion Millan divorce Cesar Millan (photo)”

  1. I love Cesar and I feel sad about this. Looking at the picture I see a beautiful, well matched couple. A meteoric rise to fame, a TV show, the demands of helping thousands of families and dog owners, being on the road constantly and having an insanely over the top full schedule is enough to kill any marriage.
    Can you imagine being his wife? What kind of an enriching personal life could they possibly have had? She must have felt lonely and neglected. It was all about Cesar and the dogs. And lots of beautiful adoring dog loving women throwing themselves at him too. As is the case with many geniuses, he is quite obsessed with his passion for dogs. I can imagine the relationship suffered. How could it not?
    I’ve read that Illusion was really the foundation behind much of his early success and that without her it wouldn’t have happened.
    This is often the case. In the article I read, it didn’t seem to me she asked for enough. I believe the figure was $400,000 plus monthly child support. I think she should have asked for half of what he’s worth. Isn’t that the law in California? I found it odd.
    Surely he is worth many millions more than that. This tells me she is a nice woman. Not greedy.
    When a woman loves a man, and he is her husband and the father to her children, the LAST thing on Earth she wants to do is leave him. She has to be unhappy for a long time to finally take that step. This explains why she did it while he was out of the country. Easier to have a strong resolve, when he is not at home, dominating influence. Too easy to cave in, especially if she is sexually attracted to him.
    Sad sad sad. I hate to see the break up of a beautiful family.
    Becoming a celebrity comes with a price tag. With the shock that his show was cancelled, losing Daddy, and leaving his wonderful East L.A. Center behind for the newer center outside of L.A., that’s a lot of change to adjust to in a short time.
    He just got a little too famous. Naturally, he rode the wave and it created enormous world wide exposure. That’s a lot of pressure, and suddenly you’re strapped in the roller coaster and you can’t get out. Fame is a magical elixir and it can be exciting. But it can also be a great destroyer of family life. Because Daddy’s never home.

    I am holding the Millan family in my heart for safekeeping. I know that home and family are important to Cesar. I’m sure it’s tearing him up too. I hope the whole family is getting good counseling. Ironically, it was Illusion who introduced Cesar to couples counseling – something he has been quite open about, and how much it taught him. But I guess that wasn’t enough. God bless Mrs Millan for trying. My guess is Cesar is a lot better with dogs than with people. Because you just can’t dominate your wife into submission. Not this one, anyway. Illusion is a strong lady.

    I hope they’ll land on their feet, those Millans. I’m a huge supporter of Cesar’s work and despite all the criticism that’s out there, I think he has a real gift. Especially with the hard cases. As he moves about the globe, Im sure Cesar has no shortage of attention in the love department. I just hope that Illusion can heal from this and go on to her next chapter of life in a way that truly fulfills her. She needs to find her own identity and shine and be happy. And if not Cesar ( one can always hope..) then may she find and marry a good available man who will love her in the way that SHE needs to be loved. (sorry Cesar!).

    Wishing you all the very best.

    Your dog and people loving friend,


  2. So soory about your new. I just heard about it, Oct. 30, 2011. Just wanted to let you know that my heart goes out to the both of you. Divorce is never easy whether it is 16 yrs. or 31 yrs as is my case. That being said, there is life after divorce. What doen’s kill you only makes you stronger. Best of luck to you both in the future and your pack will help you heal. Dogs know.

  3. That’s a good one Linda, lololol.

    And yeah, who is to say whose fault it is? It’s nobody’s “fault”. I just hope the kids don’t suffer as they seem like good kids.

  4. Why didn’t he say pssst to her?

  5. I think it is ridiculous for any of us to speculate on the reasons for the divorce or who’s “fault” it is. We see Cesar on the television for a half hour a week or so and then think we know him? We don’t, nor do we know Ilusion and we have no insight or right to judge either of them.

  6. Cesar I know you will overcome this too as you did poverty. There are thousands possibly millions of women out there that would love to be with a man like you. Your character and dignity is a lesson to us all. Illision is the Biggest Loser. You are one in a billion Cesar!

  7. Well, 16 years is nothing to sneeze at, and I’m sure it wasn’t a decision made in haste with 2 children to worry about. And I think we should keep our nose out of people’s personal lives. No one is infallible. Cesar does the world a service with the work he does with dogs, and we should respect that, and allow him his dignity without rehashing his personal life. Would we like everyone criticizing our every mistake or decision we make?

  8. i was sorry 2 hear of your divorce and i wish u both well.cesar i watch u all the time and i think u have such a talent. i try your techniques often with my 3 very loud jack russels but have very little luck.x weymouth in dorset.

  9. i am so sorry that illusion couldnt understand him more and give him support. he is wonderful man,i admire to him. i hope he will find his soulmate, someone more supportive. world loves you cesar!

  10. So sad to hear of the breakup – just remember, it takes two to tango – you have kids together – please do not start washing dirty laundry in public – it may serve its purpose for a while but in the end the two boys are humiliated by all the stories while you guys have already gone on – think of them and keep your dignity – don;t slander each other even if the other party deserves it – divorce is always ugly but try to keep it clean and civil for all of you guys, specially for the boys, they still need to grow up and live will all the garbage, dont make it difficult for them that they despise you 2 in the end, remember, keep your words pure, you may never know when you have to eat it. Keep up the awesome work Cesar, adore the shows and the change you brought to animals, you and your family are precious, pray for all of you. Marin from South Africa

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