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Dec 102008

The Ikki twins have posed nude in Playboy. One sample picture showed the Ikki twins naked. Since they are twins, they had nothing to hide and people assume nudity was the norm. After all, they have seen each other naked in the womb. Rikki Ikki and Vikki Ikki are pretty nymphs.

The photos are below. Please click to continue

Ikki twins bikini photo.

Ikki twins bikini photo

Ikki Twins sexy

Ikki twins

Rikki Ikki & Vikki Ikki

Vikki Ikki and Nikki Ikki

The Ikki Twins are naked in the picture link. NSFW.

Ikki Twins nude pillow fight photo link, NSFW.

Updated September 2010 –
Rikki Ikki, aka real name Erica Mongeon, is recovering from her brain surgeries after her car crash. She had swelling in her brain. Rikki was operated on and her surgeons removed two pieces of her skull. Rikki wears a helmet to protect her skull and brain, until the time her doctors say she may remove it.

Rikki is lucky to be alive. Her sister Vikki, aka Victoria Mongeon, said her twin is struggling with her fine motor skills in her left hand. Rikki has some difficulty controlling her facial expressions. Rikki’s frontal lobe was injured, leaving her frontal lobe syndrome. Her memory has been affected.

Rikki managed to smile and look happy. Her hair was a short buzz in September 2010, but it will grow out in no time.

Rikki Ikki photos after her brain surgery at link.

Mar 3 2010 – Erica Rikki Ikki Mongeon: Rikki Ikki crash update

Erica “Rikki” Mongeon, one of the Ikki twins in the MTV reality TV show, “A Double Shot at Love”, is injured. Rikki Ikki and her twin sister Victoria “Vikki” Ikki Mongeon were traveling in a car when they had a collision with a semi-truck vehicle.

Rikki had a bump on her head and after she was checked out in hospital, she was told she had blood in her brain. Earlier, Rikki told her twin she felt fine even when she had the bump on her head.

Doctors decided to place Rikki into a medically induced coma. Rikki was put under and warded in an ICU unit in hospital. Doctors plan to bring her out of her coma on Friday. They are optimistic that Rikki would come out of it well.

Feb 4 2009
Both Rikki and Vikki are in love with the same guy, Trevor. Trevor must pick one of the twins who he really loves. Trevor picked Vikki. Rikki came to terms that her twin sister won but she warned Trevor to be real with her sister and not treat her with deception like the way he treated her.

Nov 19 2008

The Ikki Twins are going to become the new hosts for MTV’s “Shot at Love.” This is a new series that will open soon sometime during the remainder of 2008. The Ikki Twins are Rikki and Vikki Ikki. Their biographies and photos are found here and here.

Rikki Ikki & Vikki Ikki:

Rikki Ikki & Vikki Ikki

Rikki Ikki & Vikki Ikki


The Ikki Twins started working as waitresses in Hooters. The Ikki Twins became spokesmodels and then talent spotted to become real models. Rikki is the slightly older of the Ikki Twins but Vikki is the one that usually wins when the Twins fight. Rikki Ikki has 3 tats (tattoos). The twins share and share alike. Their names are cute. I hope they make it to bigger fame.

Rikki Ikki and Vikki Ikki have said they are bisexuals and equally attracted to both men and women.

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