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Jun 042009

Huang Chuncai, is nicknamed China’s Elephant Man. Huang has elephantiasis on his face. Huang’s elephantiasis caused a tumor growth that weighed 15 kg. The weight deformed his spine. Huang’s family members are farmers. Huang’s poverty deprived him of treatment. The Fuda Hospital donated their services to assist Huang.

Huang Chuncai had elephantiasis since he was a boy. When he was 10 years old, his elephantiasis became so pronounced that he had to stop school.

Doctors have operated on Huang Chuncai to remove the tumor. The doctors in Fuda Hospital had done two similar operations to help patients with facial tumors.

China’s Elephant Man before surgery video link.

Huang Chuncai China Elephant Man after surgery video link.

China or foreign language website about the China Elephant Man with photos. (Sorry, no translation available)

China Elephant Man Huang Chuncai on National Geographic website.

Huang Chuncai wiki.

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