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May 012008

Heidi Burge was born on Nov 11, 1971. Heidi is the twin sister of Heather Burge. The Burge sisters went to the Palos Verdes High School in California.

Heidi and Heather played college basketball at the University of Virginia. The Burge sisters played in the European leagues and the US Women’s NBA.

Heather and Heidi Burge were the world’s tallest female twins at 6 feet 5 inches during their time. The next pair of twins, Ann and Claire Recht, broke this record by becoming the next pair of the world’s tallest female twins.

Heidi Burge married a man named Mr Horton and her married name is now Heidi Burge Horton.

Heather married Mr Quella and her new married name is Heather Burge Quella.

Heidi Burge Horton also works as a basketball consultant, massage therapist. Mrs Burge Horton wants to be a broadcaster one day. She said that throughout their basketball careers, they had been scheduled to play against each other but something always came up to prevent that from happening.

Heidi said that although they were twins, they had different styles of playing. Heidi said she was more on playing finesse but Heather would attack the opposing team from the center.

After college, the Burge twins played for different teams in Europe. Heidi said that was the time each twin proved they could do it without the other around to support each other. The Burge twins became fully independent of each other.

Heidi Burge Horton related the series of events which led to her retirement from professional basketball. She played for WNBA’s Sparks in 1997. In 1998, Heidi joined the Mystics but she had a back injury late in the 1998 season. The final straw came when she broke her finger. The Mystics released her one month later. Heidi said she was suddenly coping with the loss of her job and her sport.

Burge Horton slowly started calling the WNBA teams to enquire if they wanted an intern for their press and media broadcasting. She finally received an offer from the Houston Comets. Heidi met her husband Patrick Horton in Houston. They now have two children together.

Burge Horton still aspires to be a broadcaster but her source of income is from her self-employed massage therapy service.

Heidi conducts group coaching in basketball clinics, as well as being a private coach.

Heidi said coaching wasn’t a money spinner but she did it for the love of the game. She said it was more about giving back and passing along some of the skills and techniques she was taught years ago.

Heidi Burge had been hired before as a private consultant by a private junior high school in Houston, and also by the AAU teams. Girls and women’s basketball sport is very competitive in Houston and they welcome all the help they can get from veterans in basketball.
Heather Burge signed up with the Sacramento Monarchs in 1999 and has a good run with them before she retired in Jan 2001.

The Burge sisters became unofficial consultants for the crew and actresses in “Double Teamed”. Heidi said the movie wasn’t all facts and had some fiction written in by the scriptwriters.

Poppi Monroe acted as Heather Burge and Annie McElwain acted as Heidi Burge. Heidi said she liked the girls’ portrayals and said they acted well.

Heather Burge married her husband named Quella. Heather, like her sister Heidi, retired from basketball due to injuries. Heather Burge Quella is now teaching languages in southern California.

Heidi Burge and Heather Burge at wiki.

Double Teamed is the true story of WNBA players Heidi and Heather Burge. High school freshman Heidi (played by Annie McElwain, whose past acting credits include SAVED BY THE BELL: THE NEW CLASS) and her sister Heather (played by Poppi Monroe, whose previous acting was in THE LAST DON) are twins in the life. They were not identical in any way because they had different personalities and likings.

Double Teamed is a Disney Channel Original Movie now.

Heidi Burge and Heather Burge

Heidi Burge and Heather Burge, Double Teamed

Heidi Burge and Heather Burge photo.

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  1. I’m watching their movie Double Teamed right now!

  2. I love the movie Double Teamed and how they got so far. The only thing I wonder is what injuries did they get to retire.

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