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Nov 162008

Sadly, the only half ton mom update you’ll read is on her death. The world’s Half Ton Mom died on March 4, 2007.

Half Ton Mom is the story of Renee Williams, 29. Renee Williams weighed almost 900 punds, or half ton. Renee Williams underwent crucial surgery to save her life from her obesity. Renee Williams had gastric bypass surgery in 2007 but died after 12 days. Williams’ operation was successful and she lost 4 stone. Williams’ death was due to a heart attack on March 4 2007.

How heavy is half a ton? Half a ton weighs 1000 pounds.

The longer story on Renee Williams:

Renee Williams was the heaviest woman, and heaviest person, to undergo the gastric bypass operation, in 2007. Ms Williams was 29 and bedridden because of her health problems. Williams wanted to get the gastric surgery because her large size distanced her from her two children. She was unable to hug them and be the kind of mother they wanted. Surgeons had to prepare a large operating table to accomodate Ms Williams.

Renee Williams suffered a a childhood obesity problem. She had lived in Austin, Texas. By the time she was 12 years old, Williams was classified as super-morbidly obese.

Williams got married at the age of 15. One year later, when she was 16 years old, Ms Williams gave birth to her firstborn, a daughter. Baby Mirina was her pride and joy. Renee’s weight was around 30 stones after her pregnancy and delivery. Renee became pregnant with her second baby, Mariah. Her weight increased and soon she weighed 35 stones.

Renee Williams said she did not know when to stop eating becasue her brain could not tell her she was full after eating some food.

In 2003, Ms Williams suffered a tragedy when she had an accident. Williams was hit by a car. One of her legs got crushed and she was unable to walk. Ms Williams became bedridden as she stayed in bed due to her leg injury. Her weight gain slowly increased. By 2007, Ms Williams weighed almost 70 stones. She weighed as heavy as 6 women in her age group. Her daughter, Mirina, thought her mother was eating because of an emotional disorder. Mirina said Renee could eat 8 burgers at one go.

Ms Williams asked many doctors to help her by giving her a gastric bypass but they refused. The doctors told Williams the operation was way too risky due to her size and weight. Williams said she was aware of the risks but faced no option as she felt she would die without the gastric surgery.

In 2007, Ms Williams’ health got worse. Renaissance Hospital, in Houston, agreed to undertake the risky opeartion. It was too late as Ms Williams died after a heart attack, just days after her gastric bypass.

Renee Williams became the subject of interest in a US Tv program called Amazing Medical Stories. Britain also featured Ms Williams in a program, called Half Ton Mum.

Ms Williams was the heaviest woman/ person, to have a gastric bypass operation. She weighed 880 pounds, or 63 stone, when the surgery was done. Her Body Mass Index was 113 kg/ square meter. That figure was way above the obese measurement of 50 kg/ m2. Renee Williams had the same team of doctors as Kenneth Brumley, who was featured in another docummentary called Half Ton Dad.

After her death, Williams’ daughter Mirina said she was very upset. She said she lost her best friend and she grieved for her mother.

Half Ton Mom Renee Williams photos:

Half Ton Mom Renee Williams photos

Half Ton Mom Renee Williams photos

Half Ton Mom Renee Williams photos number 2

Renee Williams, the Half Ton Mom:

Renee Williams, the Half Ton Mom, number 3

The long story on the tragedy of Renee Williams is at the link.

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  1. iam so sorry for the family that how they lost their mom . my heart gave out . iam just soo sorry

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