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Nov 162008

The story and photos of the Half Ton Dad Kenneth Brumley are at the link. The Half Ton Dad, Kenneth Brumley, weighed 73 stones, or 468 kg (1,035 pounds).

Brumley, 40, chose to lose weight via a gastric bypass surgery. Brumley tried dieting but could not succeed.

After surgeries to remove fat and having a gastric by-pass, Brumley lost weight. Now, Brumley weighs 241 kg or 531 pounds.

Updated May 18 2009.

We have a news alert watch on Mr Brumley. If there are new reports of his health, we shall update this post. There were no reports of any tragedy. As for now, it is safe to assume Mr Brumley is continuing to work on losing weight.

Kenneth Brumley link.

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  3 Responses to “Half Ton Dad: Half Ton Dad Kenneth Brumley”

  1. hai kenneth it was really a very good decision that you have made ………… great man great to take such a risk and suceeded…………

  2. I am interested in finding out how kenneth brumley is doing. Has anything been done to teach his family how to cook in a healthy way. The sadness continues when the issue of fast food reigns supreme instead of a healthy . If this message reaches Kenneth, please let him know that he and his family is being prayed for.

  3. Greetings! What the latest news on Kenneth Brumley Half Ton Dad? We know that he underwent surgery and that’s about it. No more news/pictures or follow-up on his progress? All these sensationalise stories are like half baked potatoes. Showcasting human failures but not their success stories. Very pathetic. Please hightlight his success / failure stories… Thank you. Regards, Melvin Lee

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