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Dec 102008

Two female workers of KFC were fired for bathing in the deep sink used to clean dirty dishes. One other woman who told her manager she wanted to bathe in the sink quit her job after the manager told her not to bath in the sink.

The Haha KFC showers naked photos and KFC Moments nude pictures are below.

One of the two young females who bathed in the sink posted photos on her MySpace page. She posted pictures of the three of them in swim wear and lingerie inside KFC. These pictures were filed in a gallery labeled as “KFC Moments.” Her pictures had captions like “haha KFC showers!” and “haha we turned on the jets.”

More pictures are at the link, when you click on the words “KFC Workers Fired For Bathing In Sink”

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  1. hahahaahahahaha that’s funny i wish i was there to see that shit : ]]]

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