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May 152009

Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson was a former Miss America in 1989. Prior to winning Miss America, Carlson was Miss Minnesota. Carlson was invited to Fox News station for a try out and it worked so well she was given a permanent job. Ms Carlson became a Fox News Channel TV personality.

Ms Carlson was born on June 21, in 1966. Gretchen Carlson (photo at link) graduated from Stanford University. Carlson works for Fox News on the program, “Fox and Friends”.

Gretchen Carlson looked beautiful in her swimsuit. Which was why she won the Miss America beauty contest in 1989. Carlson went on to prove she was not just a pretty blond by graduating from Stanford University. Carlson became a serious reporter, instead of showing off her figure in a bikini or swimsuit. She carved out a solid career in journalism. It was none of those airhead bottle blond jobs for her.

Carlson worked for some local TV stations before applying to CBS News, in 2000. Five years later, Carlson quit CBS for Fox News. Around 2006/7, she became a regular co-host of Fox and Friends.

Carlson is married and has two children. She has never forgotten her beauty pageant experiences as she contributes some work in the Miss America competition.

After winning her Miss America title, she was no longer seen in swimsuits or bikinis. Carlson has a serious public image now.

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