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Apr 112009

Betty murdered by GlenGlen Wolsieffer murdered Betty Tasker Wolsieffer at 75 Birch Road and destroyed their lives.

Mark A Ciavarella was a lawyer when he represented Dr E Glen Wolsieffer in 1986 during the investigation into the strangulation death of Wolsieffer’s wife, Betty Tasker Wolsieffer.

Glen Wolseiffer 1990Dr Wolsieffer, a dentist, told police an intruder broke in and killed his wife. Prosecutors charged Wolsieffer with killing Betty Wolsieffer. The jury convicted him of third-degree murder of Betty Wolsieffer in 1990. In 1996, Mark A Ciavarella became a judge.

Dr Wolsieffer had along affair with Debbie Shipp before Betty Tasker Wolsieffer was murdered. After Betty’s death, Dr Wolsieffer started a relationship with Carol Kopicki, while still maintaining his affair with Debbie Shipp.

On June 6, 1992 Glen Wolsiefer was sentenced to 8-20 years. On May 21, 2005, Wolsieffer was released.

A movie, ”Murder at 75 Birch” was made from the real life story.

Glen Wolsieffer updated in 2005:

Glen Wolseiffer  todayWolsieffer was released in early 2005 after serving 13 years into his 20 year sentence. The reason was because Wlosieffer finally admitted he strangled his wife in 1986. The parole board said other factors included Wolsieffer’s treatment programs, behavior while incarcerated and the recommendation from the prison.

An old news story in 2005 described Betty’s survivors as having mixed feelings about Wolsieffer’s freedom. Betty’s mother, Marian Tasker, who was 78 in 2005, expressed shock and disappointment.

Jack Tasker, 53 in 2005, said he thought Wolsieffer accepted responsibility when he admitted he killed Betty. However, he questioned if Wolsieffer did admit guilt just to get released from prison.

After Wolsieffer served 8 years in prison, he started to apply for parole. The Tasker family and the law enforcement officers objected to his appeals for freedom, for 5 years.

On the other sied of the equation, Wolsieffer’s mother, Phyllis, his sister Lisa Myers and his daughter, Danielle Wolsieffer, have all been waiting for the big day when he would get paroled. ‘’Lisa Myers and her mother Phyllis refused to comment on Glen admitting guilt. Instead, they said they wanted to ignore that and carry on.

Glen Wolsieffer may have re-applied for his dental license to be re-instated. His license was first struck off after he was convicted for the murder of Betty.

Background details sources:

Murder at 75 Birch. Some photos are pasted there.

Glen Wolsieffer.

Glen Wolsieffer and Ciavarella.

Betty Tasker Wolsieffer photo/ picture

Betty Tasker Wolsieffer

Murder at 75 Birch movie

Murder at 75 Birch movie

Wolsieffer home

Wolsieffer home

Murder at 75 Birch book

Journalist busted for recording phone interview with Glen Wolsieffer.

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