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May 042008

Sep 13 2014 – Adrian Peterson was indicted for child abuse after his son showed signs of reckless or negligent injury. Peterson’s son was visiting him in Houston, when the father accused him for pushing another boy off a video game. Peterson took a switch, or a leafless tree branch, to spank his son. The boy had cuts on his thighs, back, buttocks, scrotum, legs and hands. He has been deactivated from his team rooster for training. Minnesota Vikings are due to play a game Sunday, September 14, 2014. The NFL MVP player texted the boy’s mother to say he punished their son. The boy told different stories to the authorities. He said he was hit by a belt and switch. Peterson has a special room for whopping his kids. After he returned to Minnesota, his mother sent him to a doctor for a medical checkup.

One of Peterson’s ex-girlfriends and baby mama is Erica Syion.

Peterson may be having a total of six living children. Police have a warrant for his arrest.

Tyrese Ruffin, another biological son from Adrian Peterson, died at the hands of his mom’s boyfriend, Joseph Patterson. The man was charged of second degree murder. His trial begins in Oct 2014. The boy died in October 2013, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Peterson said he was unaware of this son until about August 2013, or two months before the two year old boy died.

Peterson surrendered to police early Saturday Sep 13 2014. After he was booked and had his mugshot taken, he posted a bond of $15,000. Peterson got sprung.

Adrian Peterson is now married to Ashley Brown.

Lauri Waring Peterson married George Peterson (photos)
Updated April 26 2010: Lauri Waring’s son, Josh Waring, was arrested on Friday, April 23. Josh Waring was arrested for battery on a spouse or partner, and another charge was for false imprisonment.

Josh Waring had been charged and convicted for drug charges in 2008 and 2009. In June 2008, Josh Waring was arrested for possession of heroin and ecstasy, with the intention to sell them. Waring was convicted and sentenced; he served 240 days in jail.

In July 2009, Waring was arrested for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. For this, Waring was convicted and he served 30 days in prison.

Josh Waring picture.

Josh Waring & Lauri Waring photo.

In May 2009, Lauri Waring Peterson filed a lawsuit to sue her ex-husband, Phillip Waring, because she needed to supplement her income. Although she had re-married George Peterson in Sep 2007, Lauri still wanted her former husband to support her. Somehow, her new husband, a real estate developer, wasn’t supplementing her $400 per month income, or Lauri didn’t mention about the money received from Peterson.

Lauri claimed she only had $400 monthly. Lauri is suing Phillip for $12,000 in support every month.

May 4, 2008.

Gina Gigi Peterson and Dennis Rodman.

Gina “Gigi Peterson” first came into the public’s eye when she declared Dennis Rodman bruised her arm. Gina Gigi Peterson & Dennid Rodman were drinking in a small pub. Dennis Rodman wore dark shades and he gestured the brave sign.

Later, when Gina Gigi Peterson & Dennis Rodman returned to their hotel room, a quarrel broke out. Gina Gigi Peterson called the hotel security. The security dialed the police. Gina Gigi Peterson claimed Dennis Rodman grabbed her arm. Police arrested Dennis Rodman over assault. Dennis Rodman, a one time NBA celebrity, spent the night in jail. By early morning around 4 am, Dennis Rodman managed to arrange for his own bail. It was $50,000. A big sum because Dennis Rodman was a big personality.

Dennis Rodman’s manager, Darren Prince, said that Dennis had too much to drink. Darren Prince implied that Dennis Rodman was not a violent man but blamed the drink instead. He claimed that Dennis Rodman was enrolling in rehab.

Dennis Rodman is going through a stressful divorce right now. Dareen Prince/ Dennis Rodman claimed that Rodman had not seen his children for 6 weeks and that was causing him stress.

Gina Gigi Peterson had a past. Gina Gigi Peterson was once married to George Peterson, an actor from “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” George Peterson claimed that Gina Peterson was a danger so he filed a restraining order against her for 5 years.

George Peterson, Gina Peterson, Dennis Rodman in picture above.

Gina Gigi Peterson said that Dennis Rodman was a good man. He had not touched her in that abusive way before. Gina Gigi Peterson said she was happy that somebody was going into rehab. Gina Gigi Peterson denied being the person her ex-husband claimed that she was. She said George Peterson violated the judge’s gag order by talking to the press about her.

Gina Peterson’s ex husband, George Peterson, re-married Lauri Waring:

Gina Peterson’s ex husband re-married Lauri Waring

Lauri Waring is the real star in the couple in The Real Hosewives Of Orange County.

Dennis Rodman enters rehab in Miami, Florida. He spent his last weekend with friends. (Photo above)His manager Darren Prince confirmed that Dennis Rodman met his counselor at Ft. Lauderdale rehab facility. (Source)

This would help in the felony domestic battery assault case filed by Gina Gigi Peterson/ state prosecution.

Dennis Rodman used to dress up to entertain.

Dennis Rodman, blonde with makeup

Dennis Rodman, Gina Peterson’s boy friend.

Dennis Rodman made good his promise to enter rehab after Gina Peterson said Dennis had bruised her arm. However, being in rehab in South Beach area. Dennis Rodman enroled in a rehab in Ft. Lauderdale on Monday. On Tuesday night, he was in Delano Hotel in Miami with a two women. (Source)

Dennis Rodman will be hiring Brad Cohen, the same defence attorney who handled Vanilla Ice’s domestic battery case. Brad Cohen succeeded in getting Vanilla Ice off the hook. The case was dropped.

Updated on Wednesday, May 14, 2008.

Dennis Rodman has been formally charged in court over assaulting, brandishing a weapon and tampering with a witness. These were misdemeanour charges. Darren Prince said that Dennis Rodman and Gina Peterson were still dating.

Updated on Tues. June 3 2008.

Lauri Waring’s son, Josh Waring, or Joshua Michael Phillip Waring, has been charged with possession and/or selling of controlled drugs.

Dennis Rodman videos: here.

George Peterson Videos: here.

Source 1. Case document.

Source 2. Video in pub.

Source 3. Gina Gigi Peterson’s past.
Source 4. Gina & Adrian. Talk about Dennis Rodman and George Peterson.
Source 4 video.

Updated on Wed. June 25 2008.

Dennis Rodman has been convicted and sentenced for spousal battery on Gina Gigi Peterson. Dennis Rodman has to do 36 months of probation, 1 year of domestic violence counseling, 6 months of treatment for alcohol/drug and 45 days of graffiti removal from the public roadside,.

In Feb, 2007, Josh Waring said that his mother changed after appearing on the Housewives show. Lauri traveled to Europe for a vacation and left Josh alone at home, with the car at his disposal. Josh said he thought his Mom wasn’t interested in parenting him.

Josh blamed Lauri for placing him in a treatment center for weed. Josh said Lauri exposed him to the cameras and gave him to the center to handle. However, Lauri later said that she quit the Housewives mid-way in season 4, because she didn’t want the show to focus on Josh and his problems.

After Josh Waring was released from rehab, he stayed with Lauri, until the day he brought home 5 friends. Lauri thought he broke her rule of not holding parties in the home, so she booted him out.

Josh Waring had no place to go so he went to his stepfather’s ex-wife, Gina Peterson, for a shelter. As Josh wasn’t having the use of a car, he found he couldn’t attend classes in college.

Josh said George Peterson spent $1 million on his mother. Far from being the useless son, Josh said he helped his Mom tell lies and cover up for her.

Lauri had been a reality TV show star for almost 4 seasons in the Real Housewives of Orange County. In Dec 2008, Ms Waring Peterson left the show. Lauri said her son influenced her decision to abandon the cameras. Josh was fighting his demons in the form of heroin and marijuana addictions. She was upset and afraid for Josh and wanted privacy.

There are rumors that George has a past of his own with his ex-wife, which he didn’t want to be exposed by the show. Some rumors said George asked Lauri to leave the show.

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  9 Responses to “Adrian Peterson booked”

  1. Monarch, I love you!
    You’re the Best!

  2. Ashley, Josh had a great teacher in his mother after watching her all his life hook up with and use men. Lauri Waring abandoned all her kids while trying desperately to hook up with someone who had money…..Period! End of story.

    For the record – Josh never lived with Rodman.

    George sent two of his kids away to what he calls (boarding schools) when they got old enough to speak out and report the abuse George inflicted upon them physically and emotionally. Three of his kids have felt the back of his hands, his fists, his large rings that left marks on their bodies when they got caught trying to talk to their mother, email or text her. It isn’t over. The youngest Peterson child turned herself into the Newport Beach Police dept reporting her fear of her father and willing to go to foster care if she couldn’t live with her mother and to get away from both George and Lauri who either ignored her or even worse. She has photos, that I have seen, to prove George’s attacks. All this took place, and is taking place during extremely vulnerable times in their young teen years – George treats all of his kids like scum, calls them every unspeakable name, writes them off even before they turn 18 unless he needs them to make a good impression for CPS that has been called to his home after he kicke out a minor and left for the Bahamas.

    The ONLY reason George fought for custody of the kids, lied to the court, was to prevent from paying child support, and most of all, to take them from their mother with the help of the Good Old Boyz Club George donates large sums of money to in exchange for favors in the UNjustice system.

    Every kid – with the exception of Peterson’s youngest, use George for his dwindling bank account. But George owes his kids far more than money can buy….he owes you your childhood, he owes you years he stole from you after going to every length to keep you from your mother and her side of the family. He made sure you didn’t visit your grandmother before she died and after she begged to see you before she left this world, and he didn’t allow you to attend her funeral. WHO DOES THAT?!!

    Oh, George and Lauri were made for each other.
    PS: Just noticed both George and Lauri finally paid their property taxes on George’s house and Lauri’s cat crap condo at the midnight hour – just prior to losing both to tax defaults. Lauri still has several “collections” filed against her and George has several “Default of Contract” suits filed against his companies. All public record.

  3. i used to hook up with josh…

    he used to live with Rodman in some huge pad in Laguna.

    everyone blames Lauri for him but he makes his own choices, He is a errogant prick and cheated on me too!

  4. To Al Bundy and Post#4 – Hey George and Lauri, didn’t you say Josh lives with you? Are you not concerned for the three young daughters that live under the same roof? Battery is a serious charge. Josh never, ever deserved to live this kind of life. But what’s that to Lauri? It’s nothing to George. Lauri’s too busy trying to keep George happy, protecting her investment.

    So sorry, Josh. This is what often happens when a child is left to raise himself.

  5. George, you neglected to tell the readers how you had two affairs while married to your children’s mother. Both ended in law suits. Thank God, Gina finally put an end to your wandering and abuse. Remember all those late night calls to her sister and your crying out of fear Gina wouldn’t take you back. I know you do. Let’s say it’s true and the court awarded you custody of the kids and you no longer pay alimoney and have sold the home. My point is, why are you still hung up on Gina if you indeed have it all. Still missing someone? Just goes to show how sic you are…smear the mother of your children and your former wife in a “If I can’t have her I’ll hurt her in every possible way.

    News Alert, George…You can’t hurt someone who doesn’t care about you anymore. You can’t (if true) keep your children from loving or seeing their mother forever. Try explaining your actions to them, “Father of the Year”. By the way, explain having a young adult step-son living in your home (your words, not mine) who has been in jail twice for possession of heroin with the intent to sell knowing you have two young daughters under the same roof. A tad too trusting if you ask me. And yes, George, we truly do know what you get when one constantly put’s ugliness out there. Another truth – You and Lauri do deserve each other. Many well wishes to the two of you as well as a lot of luck to Lauri. Hope she is smart and starts stashing now.

  6. Karma they call it. Gigi is known as a skanky whore amongst many of the pro athletes (amongst others)out there. Here, her profile speaks for itself. Love it. The world now knows. See what you get when you constantly put ugliness out there girl…it stares you right back in the face – you need some deep therapy. I hope for your sake that you can re-adjust your attitude, and work on projecting love instead of the ugly hate which is instilled inside of you. Thank goodness George got away from you when he did and found the love in Lauri that he deserved. Children are not taken away from their mothers for no reason.

  7. Hey, Al Bundy….You sure chose the right screen name George Peterson. You just can’t get over your beautiful x wife, Gina, can you?

  8. What do you expect when a white broad spreads her legs for a dumb nigger? She’s a disgusting pig.

  9. […] Gina Gigi Peterson, Dennis Rodman’s girlfriend, photosGina “Gigi Peterson” first came into the public’s eye when she declared Dennis Rodman bruised her arm. Gina Gigi Peterson & Dennid Rodman were drinking in a small pub. Dennis Rodman wore dark shades and he gestured the brave sign. …celebgalz.com – http://celebgalz.com […]

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