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Apr 112009

John “Buddy” Strait Jr, the brother of George Strait, was found dead in San Antonio. Police said Buddy Strait was in town on a business trip.

George Strait is a Country and Western singer. George is 2 years younger than Buddy Strait. The Strait brothers are fourth generation Texans. George Strait is posed to continue the tradition of being a Texan as he has bought several properties in Texas.

John Buddy Strait, 58, was found dead in an inn called La Quinta Inn. Strait was found dead by the Inn’s housekeeping staff at about 11:30 am Friday, April 10. This Inn is located on 1-10 near Ralph Fair Road, San Antonio, Texas.

Buddy Strait may have died of natural causes. There will be an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

John Buddy Strait, RIP.

Condolences and prayers to the Strait family, relatives and friends.

Video news on John Buddy Strait.

If you are interested to see and read George Strait’s biography, there is a nice website all done up with plenty of family pictures of George Strait, his father and brother. Please click here. The website continues with a link for George Strait’s son, nicknamed Bubba Strait.

There are many photos of George Strait, the singer, found here at the link.

George Strait was the 5th recipient of the ACM’s Artist of the Decade award. The first four artistes were Marty Robbins (in the 1960s), Loretta Lynn (’70s), Alabama (’80s) and Garth Brooks (’90s).

Updated August 2014 – George Strait’s last tour is called “Cowboy Rides Away”. He will continue to cut records but stop touring. This is his lat two year national tour to promote his country music. In future, he may continue making new songs but will not tour. Strait performed his finale at the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. Strait started singing in public in South Austin. He mentioned this to his fans at his live concert. He made his concert special in Dallas to show his appreciation for the state that helped to launch his career as a country music singer. His protégé, Jason Aldean, did not make songs in his style. Perhaps he did not encourage it for Aldean to have his own unique brand of music.

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  25 Responses to “George Strait’s brother John Buddy Strait dead (video)”

  1. i hear this and almost started to cry i felt so bad for george because he’s lost his daughter and his brother? got to go tell hubby he is a really good friend of george yes i know george he loves me one time he want to ride my mmom’s horses

  2. i loved the strait family and to hear that that is sad but we all know he is with our lord and will be better there i just cant belive they found buddy dead i grew up with him and i knew his brother george and that is sad to here about that so i will just hold my tears in that is so sad i got to go and tell my husband bye. GEORGE STRAIT FAMILY LET GOD BLESS AND BE WITH YOU. AMEN

  3. I watched George being honoured as the “Entertainer of the decade” and found out that his brother had recently passed away. Deepest condolences to the Strait family and my prayers for BUDDY , may he have peace. Keep on goin George and always remember your big brother looking down on your successes.

  4. I was sadden to hear of Buddy Strait’s passing. I do not know the family, but I am a fan of George. I am keeping the Strait families in my thoughts and prayers. I ask that God will keep you in the palm of his hands and give you the peace and comfort that you need. God Bless each and every member of the Strait family. God needed a true Texas cowboy in heaven and He has a great one.

  5. To Buddy’s wife and children Denise, Walker, Trey, and Kara as well as George, his father John and their families. I only know of Buddy from being a fan of his younger brother, George. From what I have seen through the years of Buddy, he seemed to be a wonderful man. I hope the Lord comforts you all and lays his healing hands upon you. God Bless!
    … “I want to go where the streets are gold, cause you’ll be here.” The Lord only takes the best!

  6. What a tragic loss this is to the whole Strait Family. My prayers are with the family at this time. He will be missed so much by his family and loved ones.

  7. Iknew Buddy growing up in Alice, He lived just down the road from my aunt and uncle. My thought’s and prayers are with the Strait family. May God bless you and keep you strong in the days to follow.Buddy will be dearly missed.

  8. I was so shocked and saddened to hear of Buddy’s death. I attended the team roping even for years when it was held in Kingsville TX and always saw he and his family there, along with George and his family. He will be missed by all who knew him and my sympathy goes out to all the Strait family in their loss.

  9. I knew Buddy back in the 80″s as a vendor for TASCO TOOL . I took Buddy to lunch one day and the waitress asked ” Buddy , how’s George doin?” I said , Buddy , are you George Strait’s brother ?”( Boy I felt stupid) … He says Yes . Then I asked ” Buddy can you sing like George ? He answered ” Note for Note !” We had a good laugh. Just like Buddy , always having fun. I’ll miss him and my condolences go out to the entire Strait family .

  10. I went to High school with Buddy.I did not know till today that George was his younger brother!I did think they looked an awful alike though!
    Sympathy goes out to his Dear family.He was a real Good Cowboy and we all Carry his love with us!!!
    We will see him in Heaven someday at that Grand Reunion~May God give you the comfort of your soul at this valley we all endure~***~God needed him and called His name.Absent from the body present with the good Lord~*~The Cowboy Angel now!Our “Brother John”

  11. My heart & prayers go out to the Strait families.I have the pleasure to attend the roping event every year.I can oly imaging how empty it will seem without seeing Buddy walking around the arena making sure everthing is running smooth & how much George & Norma will miss his imput on this wonderful event & in their lives.

  12. we are so sorry to hear about buddy.may his soul rest in pease

  13. My prayers go out to all of Buddy’s family. I knew Buddy when I worked for Sun Oil in Corpus Christi and saw him years later in Fort Worth when I worked for Union Pacific. He was always so warm and friendly. Just last week I was telling a co-worker about the first time I met Buddy. What a great memory and what a wonderful man. I know he will be missed by many.

  14. my prayers to the strait family we have attended many concerts a true living legend God bless the George Strait family he is in heaven watching over his neice

  15. My prayers go out to the Strait family during this time of sadness. So to all the well wishers, just give them the privacy they need and deserve. George, my prayers go out to you during this time, I know first hand what it is like to lose a brother, you will always be in my prayers. God Bless You! And as for Buddy, he already is in a better place!!!

  16. God Bless the Strait families. What a sad day. My sympathy and prayers are with you.

  17. My Heart pours out sympathy to George and Buddy Strait’s families. God Bless them all in this sad time in their live’s. May Buddy rest in Peace.
    The Lord Be With You.

  18. My heart goes out to the Strait family. Buddy was a genuine down to Earth person with a big heart. He mentored my son when he went to Big Wells for the Summer of 2006. Buddy was also a friend of my father’s. I remember a time I went to visit my father, and saw Buddy out there…they were just laughing away.

    To hear the tragic news this morning totally broke my heart. Rest in Peace Buddy, you will truly be missed.

  19. I don’t know the Straits but my thoughts and prayers are with them all at this sad time. It is sad to loose a loved with especially so suddenly. God Bless them all…

  20. God Bless the Strait family at this tragic time. I dont know them personally but my prayers are with them at this time.

  21. I knew Buddy well, I worked for him for awhile in Dilley, Texas. Prayers to the family……

  22. I sure hope he enjoys his eternity in Heaven and gives his niece Jenifer a hug. Linda, you forgot Kara!

  23. We’ll be keeping the Strait Family in our prayers at this loss. I worked for Buddy in the early 90s at TASCO in Alice and he was outstanding as a boss and friend.

    God Bless You.

  24. Our hearts go out to the Strait family. I know how close the family is and how private. I hope they will know how much we loved seeing them all together over the years.

    God Bless them in this time of great loss.

  25. What a sad thing about Buddy Strait! My girls new his children in high school through youth livestock shows and rodeos and sports. He was such a friendly down to earth person. My heart and prayers go out to his wife, Denise and their two boys, Trey and Walker!

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