Gennifer Flowers & Paula Jones sell Bill Clinton in sex tape details

Their website is called

You can also surf for Gennifer at

Gennifer Flowers & Paula Jones have a website that sells “sex tapes” of their sexual encounters with Bill Clinton. That is, the versions of newly made “sex tapes” of their experiences with Bill Clinton. Gennifer Flowers & Paula Jones claimed that they shared intimacy with Bill Clinton in the 1990s, while Bill Clinton was still the Governor of Arkansas.

Gennifer Flowers (right) & Paula Jones.

Gennifer Flowers (right) & Paula Jones.

For $1.99 a pop of video information, the viewer can buy Gennifer Flowers’ monologue/ video of her opinions of Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton and other matters relating the the Clintons. The same price goes for Paula Jones’ solo expertise on Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and other issues pertaining to the Clintons, or whatever Paula Jones has to offer for USD1.99.

The pay-per-view videos are not the sexually explicit sex tapes but dignified video tapes of their discussions of experiences with Bill Clinton.

There are 8 video tapes for sale. Copying is strictly banned and legal action is threatened upon copyright violaters. The tantalizing “sex tapes” would be the ones entitled “Paula and the President’s P*nis” and “Gennifer’s Story and the Presidential P*nis.”

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