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Nov 082009

Oct 6 2010 – Geisy Arruda, who was expelled from University for wearing a short dress, is going to get compensated for her ordeal. Bandeirante University in Sao Paulo has to pay Arruda $23,600 and readmit her into their education system.

Nov 8 2009 – Geisy Arruda photo: Geisy Arruda sexy dress video

Geisy Arruda, in Brazil, wore a short, pink dress to the Brazilian University on October 22. Arruda’s dress was pretty decent in having a high neckline, long sleeves and showed nothing revealing for her upper body.

However, Arruda’s pink dress was very short and showed off her thighs. When Arruda was seated, she had to cross her legs carefully to avoid revealing her underwear. When Arruda bent down to reach for something in her foot locker, her behind was painfully partially exposed.

The good students and officials of the University are outraged that Arruda wore such a provocative dress to a place of higher learning. The University expelled Arruda over the dress. The school allegedly said the short mini dress was a violation of ethical principles. The staff objected to her disregard for the dignity and morality. This was weird coming from the homeland of the sambas and near naked dancing carnivals.

The University claimed they gave Geisy Arruda many chances by telling her to modify her dressing styles but she disregarded them.

Geisy Arruda claimed she was a victim of discrimination. Arruda did not accept her expulsion and said it was unfair to penalize her.

Geisy Arruda

Geisy Arruda

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  2 Responses to “Geisy Arruda photo: Geisy Arruda sexy dress video”

  1. Translation of comment from Spanish to English –
    surprising that in brazil, or rather city instead of sex, such discrimination bean. The girl is beautiful and the dress is not so short, I think they should put the view of morality in their best carnivals, if morality is tata , but never in a normal dress for a girl her age.

  2. sorprendente que en brazil, lugar o mejor dicho ciudad del sexo, se bean estas discriminaciones.
    La chica esta bella y el vestido no es tan corto, creo que deberian de poner la vista de la moralidad en sus carnavales mejor, si de moral se tata, pero nunca en un vestido normal para una chica de su edad.

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