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Feb 262009

Mona Lee was the Miss Asian America, in 1986-87. Mona Lee won the beauty contest that highlighted Asian American women. The beauty pageant started in 1985 and has been continued ever since. Mona Lee was the second Miss Asian America in its history.

Gary Locke married Mona Lee in 1994. Mona Lee was a KING Television reporter when they met on a date arranged by friends. Locke and Lee have two daughters, Emily Nicole, 11, and Madeline Lee, 3, and a son, Dylan James, 9. (their ages as reported in Feb 2009)

On March 9, 2011, news was released that President Barack Obama appointed Gary Locke as the first Chinese American to serve as the US’s ambassador to China. Locke is not the typical Chinese. His grandfather was an immigrant. Gary worked his way up, using education as his stepping stone out of poverty. Gary was a prosecutor, a governor of Washington State and commerce secretary, before Obama made him the US ambassador to China. Gary Locke has pledged allegiance to America, his present homeland.

The story of Gary Locke is at the link.

Gary Locke & Mona Lee Locke

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