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Aug 212008

Sep 20 2010: Chloe Heald, aka Chloe Victoria, aka Chloe Mafia, is a contestant on X Factor. Chloe has been discovered to have been working as a social escort called candy_escort.

Chloe Heald, 19, from Wakefield, advertised her services on adultwork.com. Heald’s charges are £250 and above, especially for special services.News reported Heald bumped her fees after auditioning in X Factor.

During Heald’s audition in X Factor, Simon Cowell said he saw something in her although she was ill prepared for her songs. Louis Walsh voted no and he had a minor argument with Cowell about Heald’s eligibility. Chloe simply begged Nicole Scherzinger, who bowed under her pressure and gave her a yes vote.

Cowell allowed Heald through to attend X Factor bootcamp in London but she was booted there. Rumors said Heald was discovered to have tried to get clients for her service so she was axed from bootcamp.

Chloe Heald/Mafia/Victoria/ candy_escort denied working as a hooker or prostitute. Heald said she only did lap dances for clients. Heald is 19 and has a daughter, who was 19 months old when she first appeared in X Factor for her first audition.

Chloe Heald has not been given the boot despite the producers at ITV knowing she engaged in prostitution. After the press outed Heald as a hooker and call girl, Cowell defended her by saying the X Factor does not ban prostitutes from participating. Cowell implied he would support the desire to change and he saw Heald as wishing to be someone other than a hooker as she has tried to carve a new career for herself by auditioning in X Factor.

Heald has already been using her fame as an X Factor contestant to charge her customers more money for her services. Heald used to charge £150 but has bumped her fee to £250 per hour.

X Factor bosses said a contestant should be judged on the singing talent and not on her working profession.

Chloe Heald is no street angel, having a long history of crimes tagged to her name. Heald was arrested for 140 different crimes which included street robbery and violence. Heald’s early records showed she was 13 when her crime sprees started.

When she was 13, Heald and her former boyfriend, Ian Hough, once stole a car and crashed it after losing control through speeding. Heald and Hough were partners in their deeds and nicknamed Hustler and Bad Girl. Heald and Hough were eventually banned from going to the city center and banned from seeing each other as they usually devised some crime to commit together.

Heald will be seen on national TV again on this Saturday, September 25, 2010. This is allegedly Heald’s last TV appearance in X Factor. This Saturday’s episode was pre-recorded and insiders know the results. Sources said Heald was booted in the episode because her singing skills were not impressive.

In 2010, X Factor’s Boot Camp was held at the Premier Inn Hotel, in Wembley, north London. Heald was revealed to be taking advantage of the new location to offer her services to the residents of London.

The X Factor bosses have proved their point that they did not discriminate against Heald because of her profession. After Heald is booted from the show, there will be more episodes which may show her in the footage. X Factor’s spokesman said that Heald was not being discriminated against and was treated like everyone else. As far as they are concerned, they have taken Heald’s word that she was no longer working as a prostitute.

Heald gave birth to her daughter, Destiny, in 2008. Destiny was fathered by her then boyfriend, Ian Hough, and she is now 21 months old.

Ian Hough, 21, has refused to talk to the press about his relationship with Heald. Hough is unlikely to ask for custody of Destiny.

Chloe Heald, aka Chloe Victoria, aka Chloe Mafia, has been filmed snorting cocaine in an old reality TV show. Heald was filmed snorting, dancing and dressed is a small playsuit that hitched up her crotch. Videos at link.

Heald denied being a pad prostitute. Heald said she was to do activities like a social escort, to party, to dance, spend time with the men but insisted she wasn’t paid for sex. Heald defended herself against pictures showing she snorted cocaine. Heald admitted she tried the drug but denied she was an addict who abused drugs. Heald said her friend invited her to the hotel room and she tried a few lines of the coke.

Heald appeared in X Factor in the same clothes as the night before, and she reeked of booze. Heald forgot some words of the song she was supposed to sing. Rose Royce’s Wishing On A Star did not get a good rendition from Heald. Heald was booted and lost her chance to enter the next stage of the contest, where the other singers proceeded to the “Judges’ House”.

A source said Heald often took her daughter Destiny and a friend along when she visited hotels. Destiny and the adult would wait in the hotel lobby while Heald did her business in the room.

Chloe Victoria X Factor audition video link.

Chloe Heald/ Chloe Victoria/ Chloe Mafia/ candy escort

Chloe Heald/ Chloe Victoria/ Chloe Mafia/ candy escort

Chloe Heald on X Factor

Chloe Heald

Chloe Heald and her baby daughter named Destiny.

Chloe Heald

Aug 21 2008: Gary Heald, Deloris Heald & Rory S. Zitur dead: relationship mystery
In Sherburne County, Gary Heald, 59, shot and killed his wife, Deloris Heald, 56, on Tuesday morning on August 19, 2008. Gary Heald killed Deloris Heald in their Zimmerman home on Fremont Drive, Sherburne County, Minnesota. Gary Heald then shot Rory S. Zituhttp://celebgalz.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=4557&action=editr, 47, of St. Michael, and killed him. Gary Heald then committed suicide.

Deloris Heald was a nurse at a hospital and when she failed to report for duty on Tuesday, authorities asked other family members to check on the house. One of the children of Heald went in and found a suicide note from his father. Gary Heald, Deloris Heald and Rory S. Zitur were involved in some kind of relationship. Police are investigating.

Police said the victims used a chat line service. There were speculations that a swingers’ club was involved.

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