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Aug 212009

The Garrison Girls are wives of Army men from the UK. They have posed naked to make a calendar for their husbands. The Garrison Girls calendar also hopes to raise money for “Help For Heroes And Combat Stress”. The Girls hope to raise £60,000.

The Garrison Girls are real life impromptu models who had no prior modeling experience. The Garrison Girls posed nude, save for some props like flags and military gear. The young women, ranging from the age of 19 to 40, make a very sexy group of Garrison Girls.

The editor of the Garrison Girls photos decided to produce their pictures in black and white print. This is the second calendar for the Garrison Girls. Fans may look forward for yet another in their 2011 calendar plans.
Garrison Girls calendar, at £10 each, is available from their website www.garrisongirls.com

Garrison Girls calendar preview photos – link. NSFW. You can see their pictures at their website.

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