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Jun 282009

Gale Storm, an actress, has died at the age of 87. Gale Storm died on Sat, June 27, on the same week as Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Bill Mays. McMahon passed on June 23, Fawcett on June 25, Jackson on June 25 and Mays on June 28. The old saying “celebrities die in threes” has been surpassed. More than three celebrities have died in one same week.

Gale Storm had been poor in health during her last few years. Storm was hospitalized and died in hospital.

Gale Storm started acting in movies in the 1950s. Storm married her first husband Lee Bonnell in 1987. After Bonnell died in 1987, Storm married Paul Masterson in 1988. Masterson was a TV executive. Masterson died in 1996.

Gale Storm and Lee Bonnell had four children; Phillip Bonnell, Peter Bonnell, Paul Bonnell and Susanna Bonnell. Gale Storm left behind her children, 8 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

Gale Storm tribute.

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  1. Gale Storm worked with ZaSu Pitts in the Gale Storm Show. ZaSu had one natural daughter-Ann Gallery. Does anyone know if Ann Gallery or any of Ann’s children became actors/entertainers?

  2. Karl Malden is left out of the count, wtf!

  3. I remember watching “My little Margie” with my dear sweet mother when I was a little girl. I loved those days. RIP Miss Storm. You were loved!

  4. I remember Gale when I was a youngster listening to her singing on then ‘LP’s. I thought she was an angel, a perfect icon of sweet feminity. I am so pleased to know of her successful married life with children and grandchilden. RIP, Gale! You are not forgotten even though so many high profile deaths have occurred in such a short span.

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