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Nov 152008

April 27 2011 – Roger McDowell, a coach for the baseball team the Atlanta Braves, is accused of saying fans who watched batting practise are “homos”. Justin Quinn said he objected to McDowell’s homophobic slur to the fans, calling them in general as homos.

What did Roger McDowell say?
Quinn claimed McDowell said, “Are you guys a homo couple or a threesome?” McDowell allegedly picked up a bat and performed a simulated sex act with it. Quinn told McDowell that children weer watching him, at which, McDowell replied, “Kids don’t f****** belong at the baseball park.”

Justin Quin claimed he was with his twins, Kylynn and Taylor, when McDowell confronted him with a baseball bat. Quin filed a police report. Quin, 33, has engaged Gloria Allred to ask McDowell and the Major League Baseball to apologize. Quinn is also considering legal action against McDowell.

McDowell has said sorry for the heckling of fans at the AT & T Stadium on Sat, April 23, 2011.

Nov 15 2008 – Freddie McDowell: McDowell trial for killing Drew Howell
Freddie McDowell, 24, was accused of killing Drew Howell, 19. McDowell was Howell’s best friend. McDowell fired 45 shots and pumped bullets into his friend’s body. Howell lived through 32 shots before he died. After his death, McDowell was still shooting.

Freddie McDowell, in his defense, said he acted in self defense and he was abused as a child. The prosecutor showed the court pictures of Howell who took bullets in his eyes, chest and groin. How could Howell have been attacking McDowell? A .38-caliber gun was used. The defense testimony claimed McDowell suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and that could have triggered the repeated shootings. However, the prosecutors pointed out that Freddie McDowell was able to clean the cabin before the police arrived. The trial would be over after the prosecutors’ closing arguments on Friday, Nov. 14. Then, the jury would debate over the verdict.

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