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Mar 032009

Deidra Lane, who was convicted and imprisoned for killing her husband Fred Lane, will be freed from prison on Tuesday, March 3, 9 am. Deidra Lane will be released from Raleigh Correctional Center for Women, in North Carolina, on Tuesday.

Deidre Lane, 33, has served 6 years jail time for voluntary manslaughter. Deidre Lane was found guilty of fatally shooting her husband, Fred Lane, in 2000.

Prosecutors described Deidre Lane as having killed her husband to claim insurance. Deidre lane’s defense attorneys presented her as an abused wife who killed Fred Lane in self-defense.

Deidra Lane photo.

Photo of Deidre Lane & news link.

Photo of Deidre Lane and story link.

Fred Lane shot– story link.

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  2 Responses to “Fred Lane’s wife Deidra Lane release from prison (photos)”

  1. Hey Melissa….Was she gonna stay in Charlotte ? Where was she planning to reside do you know. I mean if I had killed someone and was released I wouldn’t want to go back to where is happen (the city that is)!

  2. I was incarcarted with Deidra and really she was a stuck up murdering witch.. walking around like she was hiigh and might no good will come we will see her in the news again

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