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Feb 222009

Fred Couples & and his former first wife, Deborah Couples, photo is below. Fred Couples’ second wife was Thais Baker, photo below.

Fred Couples, the golfer, said his estranged wife, Thais Baker, died on Tuesday, Feb 17. Baker died of breast cancer. Couples paid tribute to Baker, saying she was a nice person. Couples and Baker separated about 4 years ago.

Baker and Couples did not divorce but split. Couples revealed that he was not welcomed into their former matrimonial home in Santa Barbara. Thais Baker was previously married and divorced before she met Couples. Baker had two children, GiGi and Oliver, who are in their teens by now.

Fred Couples’ first wife was Deborah. Couples later divorced Deborah. Fred, sometimes affectionately called Freddie Couples, married Thais Baker. This marriage also ended in tragedy. Couples would only say he and Thais were separated.

Fred Couples’ women were blighted by tragedy. Deborah Couples committed suicide some time after her divorce. Thais Baker was separated from Fred. Later, Baker’s life also ended in tragedy when she had breast cancer, and died of the disease.

Fred Couples & Deborah Couples photo.

Fred Couples and Thais Baker photo.

Fred Couples was born in Seattle, Washington. He lived near the Jefferson Park Golf Course. He grew up playing golf with older children. Couples had to develop his own swing to propel the ball as far as possible, in order to keep up with the older children, who had better swings. Couples created his own loose, powerful swing to push the golf ball as far as he could.

Couples grew up to study at the University of Houston, where he made it into the Houston Cougars men’s golf team. He met some sportsmen who later became his contemporary golf players, or worked in the sports field.

Couples achieved a good standard for him to be named as the PGA Tour Player of the Year, for 1991 and 1992. He played golf diligently and in 1992, was named as the first official American golfer to attain the Number One position in the Official World Golf Rankings.

In 2007, Couples suffered from lower back health problems due to pressure on his spine. His swing was improved and modified by a golf coach and he returned to the game.

Couples has been seen as a relaxed golfer with a free and easy going style on the green. However, his close friends said he was stressed and tense in a tournament, although he would never show that side of himself. He does not use a golf glove in play as he maintains his childhood habit of playing without one.

Nadine Moze now todayIn 2014, gossip sources said Fred Couples has a new girlfriend named Nadine Moze. She was attending his golf tournaments and sharing the wags limelight. Nadine Moze came from Brookfield, Wisconsin. She moved to Hermosa Beach, California. She works as a hair stylist, at The Loft Salon, in Downtown Manhattan Beach.

Fred Couples girlfriend 2014

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