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Aug 032010

Sep 22 2010: Frank Sinatra, the singer and actor, died in May 14, 1998, but his home has just been made available for sale now. The late Frank Sinatra’s home is for sale at $22.5 million. Sinatra’s home is situated on 2.3 acres of land, on the Westside of Los Angeles. The Sinatra family home has 4 – 7 bedrooms. It was built back in 1937. The interior has 2 libraries, which provided reading material for the 3 children while they were growing up. The house has a garden room and more than one tiled gallery. The roof arcades provide the element of architectural and garden landscape beauty.

Frank Sinatra

Details and photos of Frank Sinatra’s home are at the link.

August 3 2010 – Before Frank Sinatra I died, he had three ex-wives and remained married to one wife. His children are all grown adults and even have their own off spring.

August 3 2010 – Frank Sinatra Jr III, 32, allegedly made a suicide attempt or had swallowed too many pills. Sinatra III, grandson of Frank Sinatra I, allegedly was suffering from a tumultuous relationship, said his Aunt Dorothy.

Frank is the grandson of the singer Frank Sinatra Jr, 66. Frank Jr’s Aunt Dorothy confirmed the news but refused to say if Frank Jr consumed pills or made a suicide attempt. The young Sinatra allegedly suffered a setback in life. His Aunt Dorothy said the family was praying for him.

Frank Sinatra Jr III, was hospitalized at the Emergency Room at Downey Regional Medical Center

The younger Sinatra was rumored to be having a hard time living up to expectations of his family name.

Frank Sinatra Jr, the singer.

Frank Sinatra Jr, the singer.

Francis Albert “Frank” Sinatra.
Francis Albert “Frank” Sinatra passed away on May 14, 1998. Mr Sinatra, who was born on Dec 12, 1915, was a singer and actor who experienced the highest point in his music career in the 1940s, until the 1960s. Sinatra retired from music in 1971, when he found he could no longer relate to the newer music trends. Sinatra had a change of heart and later still continued record music albums and to tour nation wide.

Frank Sinatra I was married 4 times during his 82 years of life.

From 1939 to 1952 – Frank Sinatra was married to Nancy Barbato, better known as Nancy Sinatra. Frank divorced Nancy after he fell for Ava Gardner. When Sinatra was married to Nancy Barbato, they lived in New Jersey. They moved to Hollywood, in California, and that was when Sinatra had two extramarital affairs which became public knowledge. Sinatra dated Lana Turner and Marilyn Maxwell. Nancy was upset and wanted to call it quits on her marriage and had an abortion in 1946. However, Nancy managed to stay on n the marriage and had another child, Tina, in 1948.

In 1950, Sinatra had an affair with Ava Gardner and that was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. Nancy and Frank separated, with their divorce finalized on Oct 29, 1951.

From 1951 to 1957, Frank Sinatra was married to Ava Gardner.

From 1966 to 1968, Frank Sinatra was married to Mia Farrow.

From 1976 to his death in 1998, Frank Sinatra was married to Barbara Marx.

Frank Sinatra 1 had 3 children with his first wife Nancy Barbato. They are Nancy Sinatra, Frank Sinatra Jr (Frank Sinatra II), and Tina Sinatra.

Interesting facts about the singer/ actor Frank Sinatra’s children:

Nancy Sinatra was born on June 8, 1940.
Frank Sinatra Jr/ Frank Sinatra II, was born on Jan 10, 1944
Christina “Tina” Sinatra was born on June 20, 1948.

Frank Sinatra Jr/ Frank Sinatra II, was once kidnapped on Dec 8, 1963, when he was about 19 years old. Sinatra Sr paid $240,000 ransom and his son was released on Dec 10, 1963, unharmed. The abductors were arrested, charged and convicted. This story was made into a movie called “Stealing Sinatra”.

Julie Sinatra/ Julie Ann Maria Lyma, was born on Feb 10, 1943. Her mother was Dorothy Bunocelli. Julie claimed she was born out of a relationship between Sinatra I and her mother, in the 1940s. Julie changed her surname to Sinatra in 2000. Frank Sinatra’s estate awarded Julie $100,000 in 2002, although there were controversies in her story. Julie said Sinatra and her mother Dorothy Bunocelli made a trip to Cuba but that story was disputed.

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