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Mar 032009

June 19 2011 – Kody Brown and his Sister Wives celebrated Father’s Day one week in advance because their families had commitments on JUne 19 2011. The Sister Wives gave Kody survival kits of toilettries he needs at every one of his 4 homes. The toilettries included men’s cologne, Q-tips (cotton buds for cleaning), dental floss and etc.

June 10 2011 – Kody Brown said he suffered from post traumatic stress disorder after moving his huge family to Nevada. The Brown family had 21 people, who were then newly housed into 4 homes. Kody said they missed their old church in Utah. In Las Vegas, Nevada, there were very few members of the same church/ denomination.

Kody Brown said his family had experienced some animosity when a few of their neighbors discovered they were polygamists. Mostly, their other neighbors were friendly towards them.

May 8, 2011 – Happy Mother’s Day came and went for the Sister Wives, on May 8, 2011. Mother’s Day, falling on the second Sunday in May, saw Kody Brown celebrating with them.

The Sister Wives had various preferences for eating out and Kody decided that the only way all of them could eat together, was to dine at a buffet.

It wasn’t just any buffet, but one that offered all you can eat per head. Kody Brown and his Sister Wives went to Red Rock Casino, in Las Vegas. The restaurant there was holding their annual menu of “Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet”. Kody Brown said he wasn’t a cheap guy by going to Red Rock Casino, but he chose the eatery because all the Sister Wives loved the quiche, eggs and waffles. Kody just had to pay $23.99 for each of them.

In April 2011, Kody’s first wife, Meri, had a health scare when she was sick. Meri’s family has a history of colon cancers so when she had problems in that area, Meri became worried she was another victim to the big C. Fortunately, Meri checked out fine.

Meri’s sister died of colon cancer 6 years ago, and she was afraid the disease may be genetically inherited. When the doctor gave Meri a colonscopy, he detected 2 polyps. He removed the polyps and sent them for testing.

Meri had a total of 3 early morning visits to the clinic to eventually discover her polyps were non-cancerous. In the meantime, during the series of checkups, the other three Sister Wives planned a dinner party to celebrate friendships. Christine and Robyn involved Meri in the table arrangement and food preparation. Janelle was somewhat excused from help0ing in the table arrangement as she was busier than the rest as she had to work in an office, away from home. The Sister Wives had party guests who were monogamists, or supporters of polygamy.

In mid April 2011, Meri, Christine, Janelle and Robyn went shopping together. Polygamy suited them fine and they were enjoying their girls party shopping. The Sister Wives shopped at a used furniture store. With Robyn expecting her first baby with Kody, the Sister Wives had to pick out some furniture for their homes.

March 21 2011 – Kody Brown packed up his large family to go visit his father at his ranch/ farm in Wyoming. Winn Brown, 75, and his wife, Genielle Brown, live on the farm. Winn is also a polygamist with two wives, Genielle and Sheryl. Genielle and Shery have been together as co-wives for 18 years. Kody’s wife, Janelle, has a mother, who is married to Winn. That meant Janelle and Kody are step siblings.

Sister Wives Season 2 Episode 1 Part 2 – video link.

March 2011 – As much as people were disgusted at the idea of polygamy, Cody Brown and his Sister Wives have returned to the TV screen for its season two premiere on Sunday, March 13, TLC 9/8. Cody Brown the polygamist is becoming the next hot person to watch on TLC. Cody and Meri, Janelle, Christine, & Robin are sending many children in their brood of 16 to the public schools.

Kody Brown polygamist, and his sister wives recently celebrated Valentine’s Day together. Kody said he went through some trouble reserving a table for five people on the special day. He must have shocked some restaurants with his request for a romantic dinner for 5 people.

Polygamist Kody disclosed he used to spend Valentine’s Day with other families who practiced polygamy as he knew the public had reservations about his chosen way of life.

This year, Valentine’s Day 2011 would be different, because he has already shared his polygamist way of life in the reality TV show. Kody said he was ready to spend Valentine’s Day in public, with his wives.

What does Kody give to his wives on Valentine’s Day? Kody said he usually bought Valentine’s Day cards and a box of chocolates for each wife. Kody also bought small, heart-shaped chocolates, for each of his 10 daughters.

In Jan 2011, polygamist Kody moved all his Sister Wives to Las Vegas in Nevada. Kody said he was excited to discover the kind of jobs he could do to support his large family. His wives were also hoping to get some suitable jobs. Some neighbors said they accepted the polygamist lifestyle, as long as they were not troubled by drama and inconveniences in the neighborhood. Some neighbors said they objected to the idea of polygamy, and would avoid the polygamists.

Why did Kody Brown relocate his polygamist family to Neveda? When they lived in Utah, they were being investigated for violations but Nevada has no hard and fast laws against polygamy. While Utah recognizes common law marriage of spouses, multiple marriages are not condoned. Nancy Grace, former lawyer and currently a TV presenter, said Kody Brown should be investigated for polygamy in Utah. The charge of polygamy carries a conviction of a maximum of 5 years in jail. The children could be taken from the family and placed in foster homes. Polygamy is a third degree bigamy felony in Utah.

When Robyn Sullivan married Cody Brown, they went away for a short honeymoon. The other three wives stayed back and took care of all the children.

One neighbor said her children asked her about polygamy. She is house hunting as she doesn’t want to live in the same neighborhood as polygamists.

Wife Number Four, Robin, sometimes spelled as Robyn, said she grew up in a polygamist family. She went to study in a public school, but kept her family’s background a secret. Robyn said she wanted her two kids to attend a public school, while fully knowing they would be exposed to their peers’ curiosity.

How does the polygamist Cody Brown sleep with 4 wives? Brown said they had a schedule and rotated through it so that everyone would get fair treatment. They don’t do group sex.

Meri, Janelle, Christine, & Robin all live in different houses. Kody drives to their houses to spend time with each of them individually.

Meri said she thought they should be allowed to live their lives as desired as they were adults and had the freedom of choice.

Sister Wives Season One finale showed the highlight of the series, which was the wedding of Cody and Robyn. That finale attracted 2.7 million viewers.

Christine shared her secrets on how to save and survive. She said they tried to save by budgeting, using coupons for discounts, and avoid white elephant expenditures.

With so many kids, Sister Wives find themselves hard pressed to find affordable entertainment and exercise for the children. Fear not, they invented their own game/ sport, called “Ice Blocking”. Its like tobogganing down a grassy slope. The Sister Wives, Cody and children sit on an improvised cushion with a baggy cover and grab a portion of it in front, to use as a steering device.

It’s a challenge to reach the bottom of the hill, without getting derailed midway.

Sep 28 2010: Kody Brown is being investigated for alleged polygamy, a third degree felony. Police are going to turn over evidence to the Utah Attorney General’s office and its up to the AG to decide if they want to prosecute Kody Brown.

Janelle, 40, has 6 kids fathered by Kody Brown. The other 7 children were born from Meri, Christine and Robyn.

Aug 6 2010 – A polygamist in Utah gets his own reality TV show called “Sister Wives” from TLC. The patriarch is Kody Brown, who has 4 wives named Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. Altogether, there will be 16 kids in the “polygamist” Kody Brown’s family.

“Sister Wives” started with Kody Brown having three wives. Then he goes through the process of searching, courting and marrying his fourth wife. Kody Brown said he married his wives because he fell in love with the women.

Meri is the polygamist Cody’s first wife. Janelle is his second wife, but she had been married before.

Janelle’s first marriage was to Meri’s brother, Adam Barber. Janelle was married to her first husband in a marriage that lasted 3 years in the 1980s, from 1988 to 1989/90. By 1990, Janelle and Adam Barber were divorced. Janelle first met Meri as her sister-in-law.

Janelle Barber married Kody Brown in 1993/4, in a commitment ceremony.

Meri allegedly was upset that Janelle split with her brother Adam.

So far, Cody only married Meri legally. Kody went through commitment ceremonies with Janelle, Christine and Robyn. There are no multiple marriages so technically, there was no real polygamy.

Kody Brown and three wives in Sister Wives.

Kody Brown and three wives in Sister Wives.

March 2009: Francis Ann Collins & Kody Kaplon: Kaplon & Collins found (photos)

Francis Ann Collins & Kody Kaplon were found alive. Kaplon is now in police custody. Kaplon denied kidnapping Collins.

Collins was found walking along the side of a service road. Collins was naked. Collins was sent to hospital to be examined. Details of her condition were not released.

Original post is below.

Francis Ann Collins, 3, is missing. Kody Lee Kaplon is a suspect in the burglary and kidnap of Collins from her home in Siskiyou County in north California. Yreka Police suspect Kaplon may have kidnapped Collins and escaped in a car on March 2. Kaplon is white, 5 ft 7 in, brown hair, hazel eyes, and weighing 140 pounds.

Kaplon has many tattoos on his arms. One distinguishing tattoo is an iron cross on his left hand. Kaplon may be driving a dark green Pontiac Grand Am, with Calif.plate 3WKA651. Please send tips to 911. There is an Amber Alert on Francis Ann Collins.

There is a photo of Francis Ann Collins at this link.

Updated link with Kody Kaplon’s photo and story of his capture.

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  3. Im so glad to view your shows it has really changed my mind on poligamy. I believe people have the right to have their oppions on it and see it as i did beform the information was offered to us to see for ourselfsbut hopefully they have saw the shows and they love you all have for each others. the past will hunts people for a long time but it doesnt have to be that way hopfully they will watch your show and keep a open mind. its not my believe but whos to say right or worng. it your framil hold your heads up and keep fight. good luck on your new omes and we are praying for you

  4. I would just like to say that I agree with Missy. It is not a life style for me, but you are not what I knew of polygamist and I was ignorant to the fact that polygamist can live like you do, in a loving and committed family relationship. I knew what the news whated the public to know and the was the Jeff Warrens life style. You have changed my perception of what I see now when I think of polygamy. I think you should have the right to live how you please as long as you and your family are happy with the way things are. I hear on the news a lot about US citizens being free, but if you cannot live the way that makes you happy then that freedom word does not mean the same to you as it would someone else. I appreciate the fact that your children are free to make choices and live life the way that they would want too, because you have guided them properly. The show with the young lady that felt that all polygamist were brainwashed is the way I used to think of things and now I think very differently about things. Thank you are opening my mind to the way things can be.

  5. I congratulate this family for being the way they are. I’m not talking about polygamist. That’s not my business nor is it mine or anyone’s place to judge no matter how you perceive the bible. They took the idea of love and shared it. Respectfully and unjudgementally with each other, their children, and their community. With the world actually. With all the hate in the world, with all the pain within “normal” families, this family shines through in a way that most children and adults dream a family could function. Those that find that kind of dynamic gross, appalling, or any other type of negative descriptions are missing what is TRULY wonderful about this family.
    Don’t hate.
    Whether people choose a monogamist or polygamist lifestyle, they can learn about love and community through this family.
    I stand and applaud.

  6. how DO U KODY… support 4 families??!! the man should b doin this right??!! thats what u supposed to do…..what the hell do u do to support ALL THESE KIDS!!?? not the kids fault its urs kody…what IS UR JOB???!!!! ur wives support this or work to do this??????? u air everything else what bout the finanical acpects????? finacial responsibilities is what im lookin at. the kids is WHO GONNA PAY 4 THIS….a bun in the ovEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DISGUSTING WHY DONT U PUT A NEWBORN IN HER FACE N SAY HE OR SHE IS URS N SAY NOT!!!! IM *UCKIN UR MAN N IM HAVIN UR BABY!! YEAH R U HAPPY!!??? CLAP CLAP!!!!! PPPPPLLLLEEASDSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. Carmen, Totally agree with your comment. None of them are on any government aid/assistance so they should be left alone.

  8. To the whole Brown Family, I commend you on bringing your lifestyle into the open. It is certainly not a lifestyle that I would have, however, you all amaze me. You take care of each other, and the children certainly are being loved and taught well. None of you are on any type of government aid/assistance. This says a lot for all of you. You have really opened my eyes to how polygamists can work together to make one big happy family. I wish you all much continued love, happiness and success. I have never missed one of your shows and I don’t intend to in the future. If someone doesn’t understand your lifestyle then that is there problem. As I said before, it is not something I would do, but you’ve made it known that you can take care of yourselves and your children. Congrats on the huge success of the show !!!!!!

  9. You are all icky and you all deserve each other. Happy trails…

  10. First I will start with saying SORRY. I never really got why anyone would want to share their husband, but I really love learning about your family, you show such love and enjoyment. I do wish all poligamy families was like your family but they are not that is the problem, the ones we see in the news are men marring children, not loving their children, like you do.
    I do not understand why our Government is so willing to accept and make it legal for Sexual Pervert/Freaks with the desire of same sex, and yet not allow your family to be left alone, you have not worldly married all of your wifes, so there really is no law being broke. If your family gets prosecuted any man that has children with more then one woman she be arrested, other then you being responsible and taking care of your family there is no difference. I never would have ever believed I could say this about a poligamy family but here I go ” God bless you as much as you and your sister wives have blessed me”

  11. Are you kidding me????? Of course, this guy likes his 4 wives, there always has to be one who isn’t “too tired.” What an idiot, I’m all for freedom of choice and religion, but this is really ridiculous….get a clue, Cody….

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