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Feb 042010

Frances Reid, the actress who played Alice Horton in “Days Of Our Lives”, has died. Reid died on Feb 3. Reid passed away in Wichita Falls, Texas. Reid died at the age of 95.

Reid was the last surviving member of the original cast of Days Of Our Lives. Reid’s co-stars, who joined the cast later than she did, were Ali Sweeney and Nadia Bjorlin. They were informed of their former colleague’s passing and posted the news as soon as they could.

Frances Reid defied her own abhorrence on working on TV soaps. Reid once said she hated soaps because of the grind of the long work days. Reid did very well, despite her reservations on soaps.

Frances Reid was married to Philip Bourneuf, who was also an actor. Reid and Bourneuf enjoyed a long marriage, from June 27, 1940, until his death, in 1979.

Frances Reid, RIP.

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  2 Responses to “Frances Reid: Alice Horton actress Frances Reid died”

  1. I am sad to hear of Frances passing, I have watched her for years on D O OL. She semmed to be a very kind, caring and motherly type of person.It is a great loss to the cast, and fans with her passing.My prayers are with her family, and those who loved her. Give our love to Tom, Alice.

  2. I really going to miss her. I loved like a like Grandma Even though I didnt know her personaly ut I watched the show since 1981 and she was a doll baby way back then. I hope she made it to heaven so hopefully I can meet her someday,

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