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Jul 022009

Flavia Zoccari, an Italian swimmer, had a wardrobe malfunction when her swimsuit tore open at the back, exposing her butt. Zoccari had worn the Jaked J01 swimsuit at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara, Italy.

It seemed Zoccari’s swimsuit split at the seams where the zip was sewn. Zoccari’s swimsuit cost £318. Zoccari was forced to sit out the Games in Pescara, Italy, on July 1. Zoccari cried.

From her pictures, Zoccari’s swimsuit looked very tight fitting and it was no surprise that it suddenly split open. Zoccari apologized for her wardrobe malfunction.

Please click here for Flavia Zoccari’s wardrobe malfunction photos.

European Swimming Championships 2008

* Gold medalists, from left to right, Alice Carpanese, Flavia Zoccari, Erica Buratto and Alssia Filippi of Italy.

XVI Mediterranean Games - Day 4 - Swimming

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