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Aug 172008

Amy Fisher was attached to Louis Bellera when she had an affair with Joey Buttafuoco. Joey Buttafuoco was married to Mary Jo Buttafuoco. One day, there was a confrontation between Amy Fisher and Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Amy Fisher shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in her face.

It was a miracle that Mary Jo survived the attack. It was a good thing for Amy too. Or else she would have to serve a long sentence. Amy Fisher was arrested and convicted. She served out her sentence and reformed. Sort of. To this day, Amy is unrepentant to a certain extent. But that is her private issue.

Amy Fisher’s husband, Lou or Louis Bellera, was mad when she had her affair with Joey Buttafuoco. He sold away their sex tape to the Red Light District Entertainment. Amy Fisher and Lou Bellera got back together and Louis tried to get back their sex tape but it was too late. Amy Fisher wanted to sue Red Light because she did not give her consent to release the sex tape. After some time, she decided to let it go ahead and she was paid some money for her sex tape too.

How is the famous Amy Fisher Sex Tape doing? Anything that is free on the internet is popular but when it comes to buying the product, then the sales figure tells a different story.

Amy Fisher can be a wonderful person when you get to know a different side of her. She wrote some inspirational words when she was working as a counselor and writing on her column.

Free preview of Amy Fisher Sex Tape there.

Amy Fisher website there.

Amy Fisher has launched her sex tape online on Mon. June 5, 10 pm EDT on ImLive.com. It is on ImLive .com’s celebrity channel.

Mary Jo Buttafuoco, Joey Buttafuoco & Amy Fisher.

Mary Jo Buttafuoco, Joey Buttafuoco & Amy Fisher.

According to one source who has tracked the website statistics of Amy Fisher’s official website, amyfisher.com, the traffic has been very modest.

When news of the Amy Fisher sex tape broke out, the whole internet was excited to watch free previews of Amy Fisher in her sex tape with her husband, Lou Bellera (Louis Bellera) However, when it boiled down to paying about $30 for the Amy Fisher sex tape, the buck stopped there. People want to watch for free.

Amy Fisher & Louis Bellera/ Lou Bellera

Jan 22 2009
Amy Fisher video: Amy Fisher videos

Amy Fisher has new videos on porn. Fisher’s new videos are viewed on a pay per view basis. Fisher does her acts with girls. Fisher said she wanted to do men but her husband, Lou Bellera, was against it. Fisher said Bellera thought her sharing intimacy with women was not cheating.

Amy Fisher gossip.

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