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Mar 292008

Paris Hilton showed off her celebrity feet in shoes and without shoes (photos). Hilton fans who have feet fetish are glad to see her feet pictures. Hilton’s skinny feet are scrawny and indicate her thinness.

Paris Hilton had a bunion after a function in Turkey. She was a judge at Miss Turkey 2008 beauty pageant. It was held in Istanbul. She kicked off her size 11 heels when she reached her car.

Paris Hilton celebrity feet photo.

Paris Hilton celebrity feet.

Paris Hilton celebrity feet in sandals.

Paris Hilton celebrity foot in shoe photo.

Paris Hilton celebrity feet in shoes.

June 15 2011 – Cy Waits allegedly hates Paris Hilton’s new reality TV show, “The World According to Paris”. Waits may decide to break up with his girlfriend. Hilton traveled extensively, while Waits is based in Las Vegas. His young daughter attends a pre-school and he wanted to remain home rooted to be by her side. Waits could not travel mwith Hilton and that was eating into their relationship. Waits also didn’t like the unflattering portrayal prsented by “The World According To Paris Hilton”. Waits and Hilton’s relationship is on the rocks. They are at a milestone where they have to decide what they want for themselves and for their relationship.

April 14 2011 – Paris Hilton has a new reality TV show called The World According to Paris Hilton. Hilton shares her life with Cy Waits and shows the world how she lives her life.

Paris gave a summary of what she has done so far in her world. She has set up 17 product endorsements of her own merchandise. Hilton has 12 perfumes and fragrances. She has recorded her first music album.

Hilton tried to sell the idea on My World According To Paris Hilton. She said the show will be filmed following her real life and would be largely unscripted. Hilton said this was a major difference as her previous show was scripted and having her play a certain type of character. If you’re ever curious about Cy Waits, watch Hilton’s new reality TV show. She said he is a good guy, providing her with warm, peace and security.

Hilton will feature Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife. Hilton said her mother, Kathy Hilton, is good friends with Brooke so they have shared some interesting social dates together. Hilton said she helped set up some dates and blind dates for Brooke.

While Hilton talks good about Brooke Mueller, an ill wind has blown some nasty gossip about her. Mueller allegedly called up her friends, asking for volunteers to provide her with a urine sample. The reason being Mueller suddenly remembered she was due to submit to a urine test on Thursday, April14, 2011. Mueller was afraid that if her drug test results turn up positive, she would lose the custody of her twin sons, Bob and Max.

Dec 31 – Is Paris Hilton pregnant?

Paris Hilton was seen on the beach, dressed in a bikini top and shorts. She looked like she was nursing a bun in the oven, or suffering a serious case of the bloat.

Dec 20 2010 – SuperMartxe VIP by Paris Hilton. Is her newest motorcyle racing team venture. Paris Hilton unveiled her new business venture with her SuperMartxe VIP, when she was in Spain.

Paris Hilton has a hand in every kind of glove with her expanding empire of business ventures. Hilton will attend at least 5 races where her team is participating. Hilton, 29, wore a low cut leather sports outfit in her debut of SuperMartxe VIP.

Paris Hilton gossip roundup for Oct 2010:

On Halloween Friday night, Oct 29, Paris wore a sailor’s costume at the party she hosted at V-MODA Fortress, in Hollywood Hills. The party was sponsored by Vision Vodka.

Paris Hilton wore a costume to resemble a Native American Indian. On Halloween weekend Saturday, Oct 30, Hilton was at the Playboy Mansion Party. Ms Hilton said she loved The Haunted House theme attraction.

On Sunday, Oct 31, Hilton spent her day with her boyfriend’s (Cy Waits) daughter, Shae Waits. Hilton referred to Shae as her new BFF. Which is an honor or weird, since Shae is 7 years old.

Paris Hilton is set to return to the TV screen with a new reality show. Hilton will have four of her best friend to support her in the cast. One of Hilton’s gal pals is Brooke Mueller, soon to be ex-wife of Charlie Sheen.
In October 2010, Hilton attended the 32nd Annual Carousel of Hope Ball in a $9700 ball gown. The customized dress by designer Gilbert Chagoury, of Chagoury Couture, was the talk of the event at Beverly Hilton hotel.

Around Oct 21, Hilton adopted a new puppy. Some gossip sites pointed out it could have been Hilton’s adoptee number 347.

Paris Hilton made a video (commercial?) to promote SuperMartxé VIP, a gay European dance circuit party in Europe. Hilton contradicted her earlier statements about leaving the party scene behind.

Oct 2010 – James Rainford was arrested for battery when he sneaked past a security checkpoint and knocked on the door of Paris Hilton’s home. Rainford rode a bicycle to Hilton’s home and evaded her private security and managed to reach the front door of Hilton’s home. Rainford was detained by the LAPD and booked on a battery charge. Rainford was booked into jail and held on $20,000 bail.

Aug 28 2010 – Paris Hilton had a braid in her weave for her mugshot in Las Vegas on August 27/ 28.

Paris Hilton mugshot August 27/28 2010.

Paris Hilton mugshot August 27/28 2010

Paris Hilton mugshots from previous years. Deja vue.

Paris Hilton mugshots

Aug 27 2010 – Paris Hilton was arrested outside Wynn Hotel, in Las Vegas. Hilton was a passenger in a car, whose driver was arrested by police for alleged driving under the influence of a drug. As Hilton was a passenger in the vehicle, she was searched. Officers found a controlled substance in Hilton’s purse and that substance was sent for tests. It proved to be cocaine.

Cy Waits was the driver of the car that Paris Hilton was riding in, on Friday night, Aug 27. Police spotted marijuana smoke coming out of the driver’s window and stopped the car, outside Wynn Hotel. Cy Waits operated a nightclub in Wynn Hotel and was leaving the area.

Cops searched Hilton’s purse and found the white substance, which later was confirmed to be cocaine.

Paris Hilton has hired a powerful attorney, David Chesnoff, to represent her on her drug charge. Hilton denied the cocaine was hers. Hilton was released without bail on Saturday morning.

Meantime, someone updated Hilton’s Twitter on her behalf, and tweeted that she spent Friday night watching TV. So Hilton has an assistant tweeting and pretending she or worse still, he, was watching TV, while the real Hilton sat in jail in Las Vegas.

On Friday night, Paris’ parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton, were at the BOA steakhouse, in Hollywood.

Aug 12 2010 – Paris Hilton is sued by Hairtech International’s Dream Catcher hair extension line. Hairtech claimed Hilton failed to keep her commitments and committed fraud.

Hilton allegedly took $3.5 million in 2007 but she was jailed in June 2007 and thus failed to comply with the company’s request to promote their Hairtech product. Hilton also used a competitor’s hair product. Hairtech claimed they lost $35 millions because of failed promotions.

July 24 2010 – Paris Hilton was at St Tropez on Saturday night and surprise, surprise! Doug Reinhardt was also present. Reinhardt, who had been allegedly dating beauty queens, apparently appreciated Paris Hilton more as he was said to have used his date night to rekindle his romance with Hilton.

Paris Hilton was probably as drunk as a fish when she took a microphone to belt out something. Hilton was held upright by several pairs of helping hands. Her dress rode way up her thigh and exposed her groin. Hilton was wearing flesh colored under wear.

Paris Hilton panty photos.

July 17 2010 – Paris Hilton was caught with “grass” in Corsica on July 16, at around 6 pm. Hilton allegedly was in possession of drugs at the Figari airport in Corsica. Sniffer dogs detected the presence of grass. The amount was less than a gram but enough to cause a commotion. What will Paris Hilton say this time? Does the grass belong to someone else in her entourage again?

Hilton flew into Figari airport from Paris and was traveling on a private jet. Airport police found a minimal amount of cannabis in her handbag. Hilton was not charged but released.

Hilton was on her way to Porto Cervo in Sardinia, Italy. Hilton was going to travel by yacht to Porto Cervo, a luxury resort.

Paris Hilton mugshots.

Paris Hilton mugshots

July 2 2010 – Paris Hilton has been cleared of pot smoking charges after her co-accused, Jennifer Rovero, admitted that the cannabis belonged to her and she pleaded guilty.

Jennifer Rovero, 31, of New York, pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of cannabis. Rovero was convicted and sentenced to a fine of 1000 rand in South African currency, ($130), or be imprisoned for 30 days.

July 1 2010 – Paris Hilton was caught smoking marijuana in Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth, in South Africa. Hilton was led away from the Stadium and brought to a police station. Hilton was released after some formalities were done.

Hilton was at the stadium on Friday, June 25, when Netherlands’ soccer team played against Brazil’s team. Hilton’s camp denied she was smoking weed.

However, some news sources reported Hilton appeared in court on Friday, July 2, to face a charge on her alleged weed possession.

June 15 2010 – Cy Waits is allegedly Paris Hilton’s new boyfriend. Cy Waits is a millionaire with a string of night clubs like XS and Tryst. Waits and his brothers own and operate the clubs.

Cy Waits and Paris Hilton have been dating for at least a month and they are good together. Coincidentally, Hilton is again dating a twin brother of a pair. One of her former boyfriends, Benji Madden, was a twin brother of Joel Madden, and they are both in the same music band.

Cy Waits is the twin of Jesse Waits. Jesse Waits was last known to be dating Jayde Nicole. The Waits twins are in the nightclub business.

Cy Waits.

Cy Waits is a businessman who co-manages XS, Tryst, Drai’s After Hours, Botero restaurant, and Drai’s Hollywood. Cy Waits is based in Las Vegas as his business concerns are there. Only Drai’s Hollywood is in California.

Cy Waits started as a paid employee of MGM Grand. After his success with Tabu Ultra Lounge, he set up his own company with his twin brother Jesse and their friends, Victor Drai and Steve Wynn. Cy said he worked in the night club circuit in Las Vegas partly because of his twin brother. They are that close and thick together.

XS, Tryst and Drai’s After Hours have won good rankings on Top Night Club lists.

Cy Waits and Jesse Waits are among some of “America’s Most Eligible Bachelors”.

Cy Waits & Paris Hilton.

Cy Waits & Paris Hilton

Cy Waits, Victor Drai and Jesse Waits.

Cy Waits, Victor Drai and Jesse Waits

May 22 2010 – Paris Hilton & Adrien Brody: Paris Hilton & Adrien Brody relationship

Paris Hilton and Adrien Brody were spending time together at Cannes. Brody had met Hilton at the VIP Room club and he took the first step in giving Hilton a greeting kiss. Hilton liked it and stayed tight with Brody for the rest of their evening.

Feb 3 2010 – Lionsgate fights Uniqon over breach for Paris Hilton My New BFF

Lionsgate Television has filed a lawsuit to sue Uniqon Emirates. Lionsgate filed their claim in a US court.

Lionsgate claimed Uniqon breached their contract when they failed to pay $4.7 million to cover the costs of co-producing and distributing Paris Hilton’s reality TV show called “My New BFF”. Paris Hilton went on location to Dubai to shoot My New BFF during the last summer of 2009. Due to the snags, the series has not been available on air.

Jan 29 2010 – Ramiro Ramoro Benitez & Paris Hilton: Benitez claims Hilton threatened him

Ramiro/ Ramoro Benitez filed a temporary restraining order on Pars Hilton. Benitez accused Hilton of threatening him physically and financially. The worst of all are the alleged real or imaginary assaults.

Benitez has been denied his TRO now but there’s a hearing to decide on whether he would be granted one in February.

Updated October 9 – Paris Hilton Teacup piglets: Teacup piglets videos

Princess Pigelette is the name of Paris Hilton’s teacup piglet. Princess Pigelette is a Royal Dandie miniature pig. A breeder in Oregon sold this micro pig to Hilton for $4500.

Princess Pigelette is going to be 9 weeks old. Princess Pigelette is black, white and pink in color. Hilton will receive her miniature piglet in about 1 month’s time.

Oct 7 2009

Tea cup pigs (Teacup piglets) have been bred for sale. These tea cup pigs have small snouts, trotter feet and ears. Tea cup piglets are small miniatures of pigs.

Tea cup pigs come small with hefty price tags. One such tea cup pig can cost up to 700 British pounds. They are named tea cup pigs/ Teacup piglets because they are of the same size as teacups and are able to sit nicely in a tea cup.

Tea cup pigs/ Teacup piglets will remain the same size even after being fully grown after 2 years. A typical tea cup pig grows to a height of 14 inches and weighs only 65 lb.

A tea cup pig/ Teacup piglets is actually a micro pig. The pig is intelligent, clean and loves being with humans. A tea cup pig is a low maintenance pet as it doesn’t need outdoor walks,, has scant health issues, is quiet, easy to toilet train and loves human attention.

One main advantage of the tea cup or micro pig or Teacup piglet is that it has hair and not fur. People with allergies are able to get near a tea cup pig without breaking out in allergies.

The mature tea cup pig may stand at 12 to 16 inches tall and weigh between 40 to 65 lb.

For those wondering why a micro tea cup pig/ Teacup piglet can be intelligent enough to become a good pet, the reason lies behind the fact that the pig is the fourth most intelligent animal species. The first is man, second is monkey and third is the dolphin.

A breeder said the tea cup pig/ Teacup piglets can respond when called by name and will come to you.

Tea cup pigs video 1. Presented by “Good Morning America” in 2007.

Tea cup pig eating cheerio and milk video 2.

Tea Cup pigs video link 3.

Aug 5 2009 – Who won Paris Hilton’s My New BFF: winner of Paris Hilton My New BFF

Who won “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF”? Paris Hilton created a twist and surprise winner for her Season 2 Finale. An eliminated contestant, Stephen Hampton, returned to try to win Hilton’s heart.

Stephen Hampton is gay and Hilton thought he was not quite her type of Best Friend Forever. Hampton proved that her prejudice was wrong. Hampton beat the other two finalists, Stefanie Fritz and Tiniecia Goldsmith.

Hilton has revealed her reality show has been booked for season 3.

Jun 12 2009 – Kendhal Beal Paris Hilton: Beal Hilton confrontation.

Kendhal Beal was with Doug Reinhardt and Brody Jenner in the Darkroom bar on Tuesday night, June 9. Paris Hilton got wind of the fact that Reinhardt was chatting with Kendhal Beal so she came over to confront Beal. Sources said Hilton threw fruit and ice at Beal during the confrontation. Hilton tossed out names at Beal. It was a nasty rant and tirade.

Jun 11 2009 – Cristiano Ronaldo & Paris Hilton: Ronaldo & Hilton (photos)

Manchester United sold Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid for £80 million. Cristiano Ronaldo came from humble roots and reached the pinnacle of success.

Paris Hilton met Ronaldo on Wednesday night, June 10. Paris and Nicky Hilton enjoyed Ronaldo’s company in MyHouse, a club in LA. Hilton and Ronaldo were seen behaving like a dating couple. They parted company at 3 am Thursday morning.

An article at Daily Mail claimed the Hiltons and Ronaldo met up again at Nicky’s home in Hollywood. Ronaldo allegedly left at around 5 am Thursday.

Cristiano Ronaldo & Paris Hilton photos.

Mar 16 2009 – Marc Marrouche & Paris Hilton: Marrouche busted for selling Hilton phone

Marc Marrouche, a hotel manager, was arrested after he tried to sell Paris Hilton’s cell phone for $5000. Marrouche had advertised Hilton’s cell phone for sale on Craigslist.

Marrouche was set up in a sting operation. The buyer who responded and met up with Marrouche was an undercover cop.

Marrouche was busted. Marrouche’s former girlfriend found Hilton’s cellphone in Marquee in 2005. Marrouche tried to sell Hilton’s cell phone and was arrested on March 5. It was not stated what happened to the phone from 2005 – 2009.

Marc Marrouche was charged with criminal possession of stolen property. The charge carries a sentence of 1 year in jail.

Feb 5 2009 – David Maisel & Paris Hilton: Maisel & Hilton dating

David Maisel, the Marvel Studios chairman, brought Paris Hilton to a CAA Golden Globes after party at Sunset Tower.

Imagine the horror when Hilton was escorted out by security because the CAA people objected to her presence. Maisel stayed on and apologized to CAA head, Kevin Huvane, for bringing Paris Hilton.

It looks like Maisel & Hilton’s dating was nipped in the bud.

Maisel & Hilton gossip link.

Jan 30 2009 – Paris Hilton London wardrobe malfunction (photos)

Paris Hilton was in London. Hilton made the gossip headlines in a see through top that showed her nips. (photos below) Hilton in London seemed like a wardrobe malfunction but it wasn’t. Hilton made a flying stop in London as part of her whistle stop tour.

Paris Hilton wore her revealing number for her guest appearance on ITV’s “Loose Women” wearing her infamous sheer top. Hilton in London had calculated to make a splash.

Paris Hilton‘s revealing photos.

Dec 3 2008 – Brittany Flickinger: Paris Hilton Best Friend Forever is Flickinger

Paris Hilton has found her new BFF in the finale of her reality TV show, “My New BFF.” Brittany Flickinger is Paris Hilton’s new Best Friend Forever. Brittany Flickinger is a singer in a rock band that performs in Las Vegas.

Brittany Flickinger’s photo:

Jan 13 2009 – Barry Zito & Paris Hilton: Zito Hilton new couple alert (photo)

Paris Hilton and Barry Zito are a new couple. Zito, a baseball player for San Francisco Giants, was seen with Hilton doing couple stuff like hugging, whispering and PDA. Barry Zito and Paris Hilton were seen at MyHouse, a new Hollywood nightclub. Benji Madden, Hilton’s ex boyfriend, was present at MyHouse.

Madden was reported to have looked a little sad.

Barry Zito photo.

Dec 19 2008 – Paris Hilton: Paris Hilton home robbed (photos/ video)

Paris Hilton’s home in Sherman Oaks Hollywood Hills was robbed on Friday morning, Dec. 19. Hilton was not at home. Hilton’s security notified police. Hilton’s bedroom was ransacked. About $2 million worth of jewelry and valuables were reported missing.

Paris Hilton video link.

Paris Hilton photos.

Aug 13 2008 – Worldwide Entertainment Group sues Paris Hilton over National Lampoon’s Pledge This!

Paris Hilton is sued for $75,000 because she did not do promotions to push her movie, National Lampoon’s Pledge This! Worldwide Entertainment Group paid Paris Hilton $1 Million to act and promote the comedy on TV and radio. Paris acted but did not promote her own movie.

The rumor said that Paris Hilton thought that the movie, National Lampoon’s Pledge This! was so bad that she did not want to promote it.

Aug 6 2008 – Paris Hilton ad

The Paris Hilton ad responds to John McCain’s ad using the lookalike of Paris Hilton. The Paris Hilton ad does not endorse any one single candidate except Paris Hilton and as a joke, Rihanna as her Vice President.


See more funny videos at Funny or Die

How many of you like this Paris Hilton ad?

Mar 29 2008 – Paris Hilton shows dancing feet in Turkey

Paris Hilton’s feet are dancing. Her feet danced to a Turkish delight. (song) She appeared on their TV, Kanal 1.


Aug 4 2008 – Kathy Hilton slams John McCain’s fake Paris Hilton ad

Kathy Hilton, the mother of Paris Hilton, has blogged about Republican Senator John McCain’s use of a Paris Hilton lookalike. Kathy Hilton did not like it.

Kathy Hilton donated $4600 Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign and the grand father Barron Hilton donated $2300. Is this the way to pay respects to the donors? Senator John McCain thinks so.

Sep 18 2008 – Adria Petty: Adria Petty directed Paris Hilton’s “Paris, Not France”

Paris Hilton is the center of attention in “Paris, Not France.” This is a documentary on Paris Hilton. Adria Petty worked on “Paris, Not France” for a whole year. Adria Petty is Tom Petty’s daughter.

Adria Petty said she saw Paris Hilton as cool, hardworking and smart. “Paris, Not France” has been screened at Toronto Film Festival. “Paris, Not France” had a standalone screening for the press. Two out of three public screenings were cancelled without explanation. The documentary did not reveal real secrets like the secret marketing techniques that made Paris Hilton a viable brand name. Paris Hilton’s sex tape was mentioned. During the year that Paris Hilton’s sex tape broke out on the internet , Paris Hilton was the most searched for name on the web.

During the screenings for “Paris, Not France”, Paris Hilton was present at one but she left immediately after. The question and answer session for the journalists was fielded by Hilton’s staff.


Nov 20 2008 – Paris Hilton & Benji Madden: Hilton & Madden split

Paris Hilton & her boyfriend, Benji Madden, have broken up after 9 months of dating. The break was confirmed by Hiilton’s publicist, Alanna McCarthy. On Wed., Nov 19, Paris Hilton presumably instructed her publicist to release the statement to announce her break with Good Charlotte’s band member, Benji Madden.

Benji Madden played guitar in Good Charlotte. His twin brother Joel, sings lead in Good Charlotte. Alanna McCarthy had only one last thing to say about Paris Hilton and Benji Madden – they had an amicable break and remained good friends.

Oct 29 2008 – Natasha Komis: Komis in “Paris Hilton My New BFF”

Natasha Komis was talent spotted for Paris Hilton’s new reality TV show called “Paris Hilton My New BFF.” Natasha Komis is bound by terms and conditions which prevent her from leaking the winner’s name. Read about Natasha Komis here.

Oct 23 2008 – Paris Hilton, Rick Salomon, Josh Henderson & Benji Madden

Paris Hilton met her old boyfriends, Rick Salomon and Josh Henderson, at Apple Lounge in LA. Hilton was with Benji Madden, who was rumored to be unhappy to see his old competitors there. Paris Hilton decided to chat up her ex, instead of leaving the night club because she refused to be seen as the one running away. (source)

Oct 9 2008 – Paris Hilton on Sarah Palin: Paris Hilton Harper’s Bazaar

Paris Hilton has some celebrity advice for Sarah Palin. Paris Hilton urges Plain to show some skin. Hilton said, “Why wear a pantsuit when you can wear a swimsuit?” Paris Hilton will be featured in Harper’s Bazaar, November 2008. Paris Hilton was asked some questions on the present presidential elections and she replied.

In the video, Martin Sheen gave Paris Hilton some fake advice on being a fake President. Charlie Sheen pokes his head through the kitchen door and drops a quick remark.

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

Sep 26 2008 – Jonathan Yeo made Paris Hilton porn portrait photo

Jonathan Yeo, an artist, has made a collage portrait of Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton’s picture was made from porn magazine images. A viewer sees little bits of porn in the overall composition of Paris Hilton. What fun.

Here is Jonathan Yeo with one of his works.

Jonathan Yeo’s collage

This porn is titled “Paris, 2008.” You can own an affordable porn portrait of Paris Hilton for only $20. Posters of “Paris, 2008” are sold at the gallery exhibiting the Paris Hilton portrait in New York. Can you believe Jonathan Yeo is offering the millionaire Paris Hilton money? Yeo offers the proceeds from the sale of posters. Great. Would Paris Hilton find a way to sue Jonathan Yeo.

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  1. That is a blister or a sore, not a bunion. If it were a bunion it would be in 3rd pic but it isnt.

  2. All the money she and her family have, and she can’t do anything about a small problem like a “Bunion”?… Here I am, an everyday working man… And my feet look better than her feet any day..

  3. ewwwwww looooooooooooolz, this is so funnii, i never expected paris hilton’s feet to look like that, she has money, i would definitely get it fixed if i wer her, shes way to prettiii,she got long as toes too! looooooooolz and the comments cracked me uppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao!

  4. WOW…………. I have a bunion but mine look way better than hers……eeeelkkkk

  5. its an mercedes s class


  7. oh my god is she drinking sprite!!!! Shocking news!

  8. i agree blister not bunion

  9. what type of car was it?

  10. That things is a water blister! Not a bunion… I know all to well what bunions are and THAT is not it…

  11. It’s not a blister but a bunion. It’s obvious, she has ruined her feet with her shoes. Her sister Nicky as well has bunions. Why do women deliberately cripple their feet with high heels and pointy toes? Because the look is sexy!

  12. That’s a blister, not a bunion, fool.
    A bunion is inside the toe joint.

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