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Nov 242008

Eryn Bloomfield, aka Eryn Thomas, said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that her 8 year old son, who has been accused of the shooting deaths of two men, was a good boy. Eryn Bloomfield said her son had a good relationship with his father. Eryn Bloomfield’s 8 year old son loved the outdoors, animals and playing outside.

Eryn Bloomfield
’s son, whose surname was Romero, lived with his dad, Vincent Romero, in St. Johns, Arizona, while she lived in Mississippi after her divorce from Vincent Romero.

CNN’s video of the 8 year old Romero is at the link.

Eryn Bloomfield, or Eryn Thomas, will get 2 days’ visit with her son over this Thanksgiving holiday.

Updated March 3.

Eryn Bloomfield said she was shocked that her son was allowed to plead guilty to negligent homicide, without her consent. She said the boy did not understand he was with her, failed to understand his rights, his probation and the Miranda rights. Bloomfield said her son did not pose a danger to anyone.

Eryn Bloomfield – video link.

  6 Responses to “Eryn Bloomfield: Eryn Thomas Bloomfield, Romero boy’s mother”

  1. I pray that he is in a good facility, with loving
    adults. This little boy has never had a chance to have a normal life. If there was so much fighting in the home….where and how could the Step mother be involved? Did she suggest her unhappiness to Christian? Who cleaned the house before the Police could investigate the Crime Scene? She had one child and was due to have another after Christmas. WHERE AND WHAT IS SHE DOING? Why shouldn’t he get his Father’s Social Security? It’s all that this child has in the World. Everyone seems to forget that he is a human being, and a very young one at that. Is he getting an education? I hope that he has some normal structure in his life. It seems that he never did before. I don’t care what these people say about his mother….did they live in the home? Snoopy small town people! They were both very young when they married and had Christian. There was also a time when parents could not take their children out of the residing State. I will always feel that there is more than meets the eye in this case.

  2. I too think that there is more than meets the eye with this case. How could any parent whip a child five times in one night? What kind of Step Mother lived in that home? Already had one child and was pregnant with the second when she and Romero were married. I thought that she was paralyzed, how could she live in a two story home and function as a wife and mother…if this is true! The child was never read his legal rights and was subjected to two hours of interrogation…It seems that they were trying to convince a small child that he had comitted a crime. Why was he allowed to have a rifle and hunt with his father. Thank god I don’t live in St. Johns, AZ. It seems that they have a very incompetant Police Department. The Police Chief even left town for a better job. I don’t know about his Mother, but this little guy had life against him from the beginning. It seems like both parents were very selfish and met their own desires, before they thought about his needs. So many childless people would have been happy to adopt him. Life has been very unfair to him, as has the State of AZ. He pays the price for everyone else’s mistakes. I think that he had been put through enough and Snapped! My heart aches for his pain and loneliness.

  3. just me again readers, I just read somewhere where the boy was beaten 1,000 times according to the report, how correct it is i do not know, but if thats the case sounds like self defence to me, hears the link if i am allowed http://www.comcast.net/articles/news-national/20090219/Child.Charged/ and as to the romans maybe they should be investigated as to their children and possible abuses, their family member was probly just involved with the 1000 beatings the kid got and maybe they knew of it. Child abuse, all the kid did then is “”self – defence” and what kind of judge would let any charges be filed against an 8-9 year old for trying to protect himself,, I do believe arizona is in the u.s.a where we have rights, the legal system ” social circle ” needs a recount and wheres the feds when a childs rights are being violated by these people and not even aloud to protect himself the only way he probly knew. GODS SAKE he is only a child, I don’t know wha these people been drinkin or smokin but they should go see a doctor including the romans.

  4. Dear Readers,
    I don’t know about you but 8-9 year olds just don’t run around hurting and killing, there is more to this story than is being said and i feel the social circle there is hiding something cause its just not right any of it. what is arizona hiding. The boy may need help but not this bull, the judge and the prosicuters should be jailed for being idiots. I am not scared of 8-9 year ols so what truely happened to cause this. was those two idiots abusing this poor kid.

  5. I also know Eryn and the family for many years, and I agree totaly with the previous statement! She has a daughter with another man, that she hasn’t been around or supported, as much as a mother should, and she doesn’t even have a steady place to live. The father of her daughter has supported her and paid her way to do all kinds of running around over the years, and it always seemed like she could never jus settle down and be a steady wife or mother, now shes all over the news, and comes out like she the Mother of the year….

  6. I know Eryn and the family personally. I know that Eryn did not have enough contact with her son over the course of his upbringing to really know whats going on or be getting all of these interviews. I kind of think its funny. Suddenly she is so involved when she has been here there are everywhere else but involved. I also believe that vincent romero had to fight for, and won the sole custody of the child shortly after birth, and raised the child without Eryn being part of it.

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