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Mar 302009

Eric M Smith was born on January 22, 1980. Smith was convicted and sentenced for sex abuse, murder and mutilation of Derrick Robie, 4. Smith committed his crimes in Steuben County, New York. Smith was 13 in August 2, 1993, when he killed Robie.

Eric Smith wrote a letter of apology to Derrick Robie’s family. Smith received a sentence of 9 years to life imprisonment. Smith was denied parole in 2006 and 2008. Eric Smith remains jailed in Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York. Smith’s current age is 29.

Eric Smith’s family blamed his mental health for his behaviors. Smith’s mother said she took drugs for epilepsy while she was pregnant with Eric. She said Eric was born with learning challenges and exhibited some difficulties during his childhood. Smith himself could not explain why he killed Derrick Robie.

Smith hated bananas. Robie had a banana in his lunch box on the day he was abducted and killed by Smith. The killer quashed the banana with vehemence and that gave a clue to investigators who guessed the suspect did not like bananas and was probably a child. An adult would not destroy a banana at the scene of the crime in such a way. Someone tested Smith by offering to buy him an ice cream with a banana in it (maybe a banana slit).Smith voiced his dislike for the fruit.

Every two years, Smith’s case will be reviewed by a parole board.

Derrick Robie’s family has released the details of how their son died. The Smiths want people to remember Derrick, who was battered with rocks, sodomized and strangled. Robie’s family thinks Eric Smith may not be released into society because of the potential danger he poses.

Eric Smithat CBS news and photo.

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  85 Responses to “Eric M Smith: Eric Smith imprisoned for killing Derrick Robie (photo)”

  1. What Eric Smith did was horrible, unthinkable. Little Eric Robie was a precious little boy who did nothing to deserve what was done to him. It is a loss his parents will never get over, but move on. Eric did serve his time and it is not fair to incarcerate people and then not let them out. He obviously had problems at home with his parents that no one has bothered to address. If he can pass psychological tests that he won’t commit such a crime again, then he should be let out. I know it is hard, but keeping him in prison forever just seems too harsh.

  2. HIs defense attorney made me want to puke. Hey lady — leave YOUR kids or grandkids with Eric if you think he’s so wonderful.

    He should NEVER get out. A lot of people have lousy childhoods and they don’t murder little kids.

    The thing that really ticked off was people blaming the victim’s mom. Give me a break.

  3. eric smith will never change the only reason he is good in prison is because hes a punk hes scared of people stronger than him plus he has nowhere to hide i promise soon as he s released his anger rage and sickness will start to boil up and hell he will look to kill and kill again p.s. he probaly is looking to hurt the boys family to eric is a fucking looser i hope he dies in there so painfully that he sees hell cause thats where that big flat eared faggots going to hell

  4. eric is a piece of shit and will always be a piece of shit i dont care how many beatings that kid got athome i dont care if he was sodomized it does not give him any right to murder or sodomize anyone he is born a serial killer and will always love to murder because he is sick.

  5. Derric Robie was just a few months older than my son and I allowed him to walk 6 houses up the street to his grandmothers. does that make me a bad parent. No just like Mrs. Robie I was trying to make him Independent. He did not have to cross a street. and there was no foreseeable danger in the area. IT WAS A SMALL COMMUNITY THAT SEEMED SAFE. I have moved from the area but Eric changed my life forever. My children lost a lot of fun as i became very protective and either walked or drove them to school until they were in high school. I am sure that a lot of parents in the area became the same way i did. I moved from the area because I could not sleep at night after that poor baby was murdered by the devil incarnate. He did those atrosities and then covered them up. and the only ones who was close enough to be able to have prevented it CHOSE TO DO NOTHING. Yes I feel for both families but the Robie family had no choice in this tragedy and I will support them in fighting to keep Eric off the streets as I for one have nightmares over everytime i think he will be free as i am afraid he will kill again. I pray the Smith family peace. and for the Robie family I pray that they will someday be able to realize that they did nothing wrong that terrible day. that they will have peace knowing that Eric can never hurt their family or any other family again. I hope and pray the parole board finds out how much Eric Destroyed a community and made so many children lose part of their childhoods because of the fear he put in so many young parents. He destroyed more in those few moments than he will ever know. There are more than just me out there who changed the way we allowed our children to play. I no longer even let my children be outside alone with out an adult until they were in 7th grade. and I know both my brothers and my sister raised their children the same way because of this horrible loss. that’s 8 children who lost a very fun part of growing up. so
    Eric can rot in prison. As he destroyed a community as well as a life. and I feel he WILL KILL AGAIN. I still have nightmaes about it

  6. I feel for both families. The Robie Family has a lot of hurt to heal. I can understand why people think that the Smith family has lost a son also. But in all reality they did not they can go see him in prison. they still can watch him grow and mature. the Robie family cannot to visit their son they have to go to a cemetery. If someone where to hurt any of my children then god help them. I understand why they want to keep Eric in prison. I want him there also I don’t want a monster walking the street who may or may not hurt my child. He felt no remorse and I have been keeping up on this as this happened not too far from my home. and yes it is a small community. but this tragedy has hurt us all. we will never feel our children are safe again. and it all could have been prevented if Eric’s family would have watched their child and looked at the warning signs. hurting animals, himself and god only knows how long he planned to kill a human. they let him go thinking “Boys will be boys.” well I for one pray he never gets out

  7. The things that Eric did to that little boy are not simply the result of bullying. Like its already been said, alot of people are bullied but they don’t go out and kill little 4 year old boys because of that. He sodomized that boy and then proceeded to say that he did indeed get sexual gratification from it. Im sorry but that is completely different. 13 years old or not something is wrong with that boy. I also believe in an eye for an eye. I dont care how old he was, all kids that age know right from wrong unless they were raised by apes. He knew better, he said he sodomized him with a stick to get his heart to stop beating. That takes thinking and calculation not some spontaneous act during a mental break. Also kind of contradictory to his previous statement of sexual gratification. The boy is sick and needs to get what he deserves. None of you would be so forgiving and ready to give him a second chance if it was your son, brother, or other family member that he killed. I say he deserves exactly what he did to that poor boy! Twice!!!!!

  8. I hope Smith dies behind bars, as I believe he would eventually kill again if given his freedom.

  9. Jacob, after reading your post, I just want you to know that soon it will all be over!! I know when your 16, you think the abuse will never end and happiness will never come. I am here to tell you that after high school, life will be 100% different! The school years are such a small part of your life, your so much better than those few years. Hang in there and everything will be ok. Before you know it, you wont even remember it! I don’t talk to anyone I went to hight school with, nor I have ever been to a high school reunion. I don’t care to and wish to leave it all behind. I have successfully done so and so can you.

    I came to this site just to see if Smith had be let out of prison. I’m happy to see hes still there! My prayers go to the Robie family.

  10. Chris H is right, Derrick Robbie should be not forgotten in the shadow of the terrible crime. I would know how Eric feels, I have been bullied since I was 5, I am 16 now and still get the crap bullied out of me everyday in school, I would never hurt a child, elderly, random person or an animal, but if I could get revenge on the people who did me so much harm, there would be World war 3 going on baby.

  11. Some of you are seriously disrespectful. To Blame anyone other than eric is outrageous! Neither side’s parents were to blame! Eric chose. I am so tired of my family and Doreen’s family being badgered on websites like these by people who watched a 60 minute show, and in comparison to a life of know-how know absolutely nothing on the topic. My advice is to discontinue burning bridges because Karma comes hard and fast, and these cruel words you speak with out any personal just cause are going to hurt you more than you know.

  12. people please ,think about it
    think that the little precious derrick was your son or brother
    think how much he suffered ,just a few sec be human and think of how he sufered.
    And why a second chance to eric my god are you people mad ,he is a disturbed person they are good at saying sorry and play act.
    think of it could you do what he did even if you are freaken angry?? pople say he deserve a second chance becouse he was a kid??thata the point if he could do that as a kid imagine what he would be abble to do now.
    dont al start with we must forvive for god sake if it was your kid???
    AND PLEASE stop blaming the mom i deeply feel for her as a mom
    god bless you little angel and your family

  13. Bottom line is Derrick did not get a chance to live his life, it was robbed from him. I do not feel sorry for Eric, I would have had he not committed such a horrible crime. People are abused every single day but do not go out and murder a sweet little 4 year old child. Bottom line-Derricks life is GONE, and Eric does not deserve to have one except to be in prison for the rest of his. Derrick received NO second chance – NONE for Eric!

  14. Y dont we all focus on raising our own children &/or helping our neighbors with theirs instead of slamming, hurting, abusing & just flat being mean to others? EVERY1 makes mistakes, including all u ppl accusing Mrs Robie of being a bad mother and Eric for killing a little boy. If we all were as perfect as u, wed still b n Eden. Live & let live-God will sort us all out n the end.

  15. I can’t believe some of the stuff I am reading, the hate and disdain. First of all, the mother of Derrick should not be berated or left to feel guilt for anything she did. Her suffering and pain is beyond comprehension for most of us. However, when watching the program on the ID channel – I was as shocked by the fact that Derrick’s mother and her husband couldn’t even look at Eric’s parents when they seen them on the streets in the small town they lived – as I was shocked by the horrific killing of their son. Derrick’s parents should strive to learn about forgiveness as much as they should strive to feel sympathy for the pain and shame that some members of Eric’s family must be going through. Yes, what was done to Derrick was horrendous and unacceptable, but until Derrick’s family finds some forgiveness in thier heart, they will probably never get over this. “Traditional criminal justice, when you violate, they’re looking for punishment. Restorative justice is looking for obligation and repair.” Taken from a suggested reading: (http://edition.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/personal/07/22/o.confronting.the.killer/index.html). I recently also watched a program on ID where the parents of a slain daughter hugged the crying mother of their daughter’s killer, who was sentenced to death. It really moved me. Second of all, I’m not supporting or promoting a release of Eric from prison – I do not and would not claim to be God, but think about it. How can anyone feel sorry for one child’s pain and not feel sorry for another’s, however different the pain? Eric too was a child, in pain, suffering the shortcomings of this horrible world we live in, suffering from SOMETHING most of us will never understand, suffering from the lack of a complete and perfect love that Derrick was lucky enough to have. If we all support programs to help make children’s innocent little lives better, as well as programs to prevent the abuse of children, how can we not feel sorry for Eric who missed out on what most of us were lucky enough to get. I feel pain for Derrick and his family, as well as for Eric, who fell short of either – the gift of a normal family life or the gift of a normal brain. We may not support his release, but we should forgive him and see him as he is, a victim of life’s cruelty, as much a victim as poor little Derrick. It’s easy for all of us to point fingers, but we cannot all sit idly back as a society without teaching our children not to make fun of others then feel shock when the bullied children act out. The hate I see through these comment threads makes me wonder about mankind as a whole.

  16. Call me a skeptic, but I highly doubt the posts by “DJ’s mom” are truly from Derrick’s mother. Somehow I don’t see the mother of a young murder victim going on a gossip blog post and calling people idiots and stupid and talking the way this person has. That doesn’t help bring peace to a grieving family. I’m sorry, but I can’t see a mother who lost her son at such a young age trolling the internet just to get involved in online gossip and drama. I could be wrong..but don’t think I am

  17. Eric Smith is a SOCIOPATH!If he were to be released he would kill again.

    Sociopath: Unconcerned about the adverse consequences for others of one’s actions. Antisocial-type personality, pleasure-seeking, remorseless.

    What he did to little Derrick is appaling. Shame on all of you for blaming a grieving mother. If you had to walk a mile in Mrs. Robie’s shoes you wouldn’t be making these hateful comments. My prayers are with the Robbie family!

  18. I was picked on some in school,but never would I kill someone for it.I just beat up the girls that were mean.To Chris H., u must be a fool to say u feel for him.Would u feel for him if that was yr son he killed? I like the eye for eye thing.We should kill him like he did that poor little boy.He will get worse than that in Hell forever,lol! I love it! Burn, Eric, burn,lol!

  19. I feel for both families! My heart goes out to the Robie family for the loss of Derrick. No parent should have to go through the pain that the Robie’s have. I can’t imagine loosing a child to a killer. My friend lost her daughter Amber Dubios to a killer in February 2009.
    My heart also goes out to the Smith family for their loss too. They lost their son because of his actions as a 13 year old child. None of these parents did anything wrong in my opion to loose their sons.
    I pray that God’s will be done in this situation. I do pray that the Robie family can forgive….for their own sake. Once they can forgive, I believe they will be able to find some peace in their lives.
    As for Eric, I am torn….he was a child. Think back to who you were at 13. The things you did that you regret or you are embarressed about or ashamed of. How immature you were. I’m sure being a killer wasn’t one of them but as a child do we really understand what death is???? I don’t think we are mature enough. I just don’t know that Eric truly understood his actions at that time of only being 13.
    Like I said. I feel for both families. May God’s love be with them all and may the families find peace through this horrible situation some day soon.

  20. Step-dad? Adoptive dad? Disinterested dad? Is it a coincidence that most serial killers are adopted? Is it odd that no one questioned how Eric’s loss of a biological parent affected him? Anger? Rage? Adopted Child Syndrome? –http://amfor.net/acs You’re thinking “Not all adoptees kill” – Like everyone has the same coping level …and can ignore feeling rejected by a parent and being molested by an adoptive parent and then being belittled by others doesn’t cause serial killers to feel “No Remorse?” OK, not an “excuse” but definitely a REASON…Evere read “Chosen Children” — case histories of adopted children who killed their adopters and others? (2011 updated edition is going to be explosive)….Until society is willing to take responsibility for how it treats its children, we’ll continue to create monsters. Let he who is without responsibility cast the first stome…

  21. I live in ONT. Canada, I seen this show on the little boy, Derrick today… Nothing has ever been so disturbing to me in my whole life… he should not be released and as a matter of fact: how can he ever be forgiven for doing such horrible things to a little boy??? its senseless, disturbing and very undeserving! HE SHOULD BE GIVEN A DEATH SENTENCE FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE, JUST LIKE HE GAVE THE PARENTS OF THIS POOR BOY!

  22. In my opinion Eric M. Smith the murderer of young Derrick Robi does not ever deserve to be free again. Poor little Derrick isn`t ever going to have a second chance, and givin what I have read and seen of other killers they continue and another family should never have to feel the sorrow that Derrick`s family has to live with daily for the rest of their lives. Never ever should he be released!

  23. He should not be freed. I was bullied and so was many other people but they do not go killing people. I think that day he planned to hurt someone younger and weaker to feel strong. He is a sick individual who deserves to be imprisoned.Derricks mother did not do anything. How was she supposed to know some sicko would come kill her son.It’s those people who say “she should be arrested” that cause her to blame herself.She already feels enough pain not being able to have her son back. Jerks.

  24. This is the first time I have ever read this comment board. I am astonished by some of the things that some of you had to say. Enough with all the horrible comments to Derrick’s mother…..she has to live with that decision everyday of her life. She and her family are the one’s who suffer the most. Their child, their loved one is gone. Leave these people alone and let their child rest in peace. Blaming his mother for someone else’s actions will not bring him back so don’t disrespect Derrick by blaming the people he loved the most.

  25. Listen Eric was a child but that is abaolutly no excuse especially because it was a planned thing fro him he knew exactly what he was going to do and anyone accusing this women for her sons death should burn in hell! Mrs. Robie i recently researched this alot and it tore me up i recently had a baby boy and cant stand the thought u are a strong women and know in your heart this is absolutly not your fault the fact that eric didnt search a little harder for help and his parents did do something about him being friggen crazy is their fault! god bless you and your family<3

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