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Sep 242011

Siameze Floyd is a contestant on X Factor. Siameze Floyd has an interesting background. His family practises polygamy.

Siameze has 5 parents. Floyd’s family are developing a reality TV show, no doubt, inspired by the success of Kody Brown and his wives’ reality TV show. The Floyd family’s show is tentatively entitled, The Fabulous Floyds.

The family’s man of the house is Eric Floyd. He has 4 wives in his polygamous life style. Siameze has a sister. The Floyds have spent time in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Siameze’s mother is Wanda Dee, a singer from the 1990s band, The KLF. He probably has his mother’s singing genes.

Wanda Dee is the first wife of Eric Floyd.

LA Reid asked Siameze what he would do if he won $5 million. Siameze answered he would invest the money to market himself to become a super star. Cheryl Cole said he was a genius or weird. Paula Abdul said Siameze had energy but lacked originality. Cheryl, Paula, Simon all said yes to give Siameze a chance. Reid said Siameze was not original enough.

Siameze had enough votes to pull through to the next stage in the competition.

Siameze Floyd X Factor audition video.

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