Emmy Ann Wooding: Emmy Ann Wooding memorial

One episode of “Law & Order”, entitled “Special Victims Unit” (2004) was dedicated to Emmy Ann Wooding.

Wooding was born in 1947. Ms Wooding was a staff of Universal Studios Television. Wooding worked faithfully for Universal for 37 years. Ms Wooding had also worked as an assistant at Wolf Films. Wooding passed away on Oct 24, 2004, in a car accident.

The episode in season 6 of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, was entitled “Charisma”. Charisma was dedicated in memory of Wooding.

Charisma is about a con artist who became a murderer and pedophile as he focused on cheating to get a trust fund worth millions. Charisma is about the charisma of this con artist who was so popular that no one would betray him.

Emmy Ann Wooding, RIP.

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6 Responses to Emmy Ann Wooding: Emmy Ann Wooding memorial

  1. Ana Salas

    I would like to see a picture of Emmy Ann Wooding, may she R.I.P. and sorry for your loss L&O and Universal.

  2. History

    I wanted to now every thing about Emmy Ann Wooding.
    How was it happened that she died?
    Is she murdred?
    And was she the only one that died?


  3. Ben

    I saw the episode and I am an L&O SvU fan sense day 1 . Seen the episode many times and been meaning to come and post . I have had 2 death in 3 month in our family . Sorry to the SvU and universal studios . RiP Emmy Anne Wooding

  4. emma

    All i want to say is i love SVU it’s amazing and to loose a member of it is very very emotional and i want to tell Emmy Ann Wooding rest in peace and i’m sorry for your lost SVU and Universal.:(

  5. Angel

    This was really great.I saw the episode the other day and was really curios about this. But all i wanted to say was that I am amazed.

  6. Anonymous

    i love your shows there really awsome and i hope that Emmy ann wooding RIP

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