Emma The Amish Girl model: Emma The Amish Girl model (photos)

“Emma The Amish Girl” is featured at a website to sell panties and underwear. Some people call her Emma The Amish Model. “Emma The Amish Girl” allegedly comes from Pennsylvania Dutch County. What’s unusual about Emma is that she has broken the tradition of the conservative Amish people with her provocative modeling and naked modeling.

Emma The Amish Girl’s sponsors are selling her used panties and photos in a “Shoofly Pie Panty Pack”.

The New American Pinup is proud to have created a new marketing ploy to sell underwear using “Emma The Amish Girl”. We can expect a reaction from the Amish community as they may refute the label of Emma being Amish. However, the Amish people may remain blissfully unaware of what Emma has done. The Amish do not use radios, TVs or the internet.

Emma The Amish Girl appeared as a guest on the Howard Stern Radio Show to promote her sponsored website. Emma The Amish Girl wore a shredded dress with just the right amount of bits to cover her modesty.

Emma The Amish Girl on Howard Stern Radio Show.

Emma The Amish Girl

Emma The Amish Girl sells used panties.

Emma The Amish Girl

Emma The Amish Girl at website. (slightly NSFW)

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