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Sep 132009

Hailie Jade Mathers (photo below), Eminem’s daughter, was 13 in 2008 so she would be 15 in 2010. Hailie Jade Mathers looks all grown up in makeup in her latest photos but she has retained a girlish look that gives away her age.

Love The Way You Lie music video:

Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie” features Rihanna in the chorus. Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan act in the music video, about a young couple whose love swings between hate and lust. Fox and Monaghan illustrate how a lie in can escalate a quarrel but also mend one as anger dissipates and gives way to lust. Fox gets to sock Monaghan in the video. Well, he gets to kiss her after the mock beating.

Megan Fox donated her acting fee in Love The Way You Lie. Fox gave the money to Sojourn House, a shelter home for abused women. Fox did not disclose her fee but she donated it away to Sojourn House. Sojourn House is a safe house for abused women and children to recuperate and get their lives back together.

Eminem’s rap and Rihanna’s verse make a good song together.

Love The Way You Lie video link.

Hailie Jade Mathers.
Hailie Jade Mathers was born on Christmas Day, 1995. Hailie’s mother is Kimberly Ann Mathers.

Eminem’s older daughter is actually his niece. Eminem adopted his niece. Her name is Amanda Marie Scott. Amanda Scott was born on May 3, 1993. Amanda Scott’s biological mother is Dawn Scott. Amanda Scott was renamed Alaina Marie Mathers after Eminem and Kim adopted her.

Eminem has custody of his wife Kim’s daughter. She is named Whitney Laine Scott, who was born on April 16, 2002. Whitney Scott’s biological parents are Kimberly Mathers and Eric Hatter.

Eminem has one biological daughter and two “daughters” he supervises. They are Hailie Jade Mathers, Alaina Marie Mathers and Whitney Laine Scott.

Eminem’s interview with “Anderson Cooper in 60 Minutes”:
Eminem had an interview with Anderson Cooper, for his TV program, “60 Minutes”.

Eminem talked about why his lyrics were controversial. He said he did not hate women or gay people. Many rappers used controversial lyrics too but he felt he was targeted for criticism because of his race.

Eminem reversed the situation by accusing his critics of being racists, singling him out because he was white.

Eminem showed Cooper his neighborhood and explained to him about the background of the place. There was neighborhood violence and the kids were not spared. Eminem said his family moved around a lot and he often had to be enrolled into as many as 3 schools within one school year.

Eminem had a tough childhood. Being constantly on the move, he was often the new kid in school and he was roughed up.

Eminem grew up tough and he is the real tough guy he portrays in his music. People who scorned his rap career only made him more determined than ever to succeed.

Eminem is intelligent but he was not academically inclined for some reasons. He failed his 9th grade and he repeated the same grade 3 times, in his bid to move forward in his school life. After his third attempt, he abandoned the inclination to study further and quit school.

Eminem took Cooper into his personal recording studio, and showed him his raw material, which were lyrics, stacked in boxes. Eminem had hopes of working on his old music inspirations and make them into marketable music.

Eminem opened up his painful relationships with his parents. He has been able to get along with his mother, but he couldn’t say the same about his father.

Marshall Mathers Jr (Marshall Mathers II) left him when he was a mere toddler at 1 and ½ years old. Eminem said that as a parent, he would never abandon his children. If they had gone to the far corners of the earth, he would search for them. He couldn’t accept why his father abandoned him.

March 27 2011 – Eminem’s old record label does a huge favor for older recording artistes –
Is a song on iTunes and other digital music service considered a license or a sale? There is a big difference when the artiste is paid 12% for a sale and 50% for royalties in the license to use.

FBT Productions, Eminem’s former music manager, is still collecting 50% music royalties for the license.

The lower court ruled that all sales should be treated as license to use, which meant that the artistes would receive 50% royalties.

Universal Music fought against FBT Productions, saying a digital download should only mean 12% payment for the singer. Universal appealed to the Supreme Court, which then upheld the lower court’s ruling.

Eminem wasn’t involved in the lawsuit, although his first record deal was signed in 1995.
Younger artistes with new contracts have terms stating that digital downloads are included in the 50% royalties. Older artistes may benefit since the court ruled that all sales, digital or otherwise, should pay the artiste 50% royalties.

In Feb 2011, Eminem had accumulated 29 million “likes” on his Facebook webpage. He beat Lady Gaga, but her quantity of “likes” is not trailing far behind. On YouTube, he had 1 billion views.

Oct 2010 – Eminem will return to perform in the UK after 5 years
Eminem was invited to perform in the UK in 2010, after he agreed to drop the songs that contained homophobic lyrics. Eminem hasn’t been invited to rap in the UK for the past 5 years since a gay rights group, OutRage, protested outside the venue of his shows, demonstrating against Eminem’s anti-gay lyrics. His last performance in the UK was in 2004.

Eminem was asked to rap in the Wireless Festival, in Hyde Park, in 2010, after organizers reached an agreement with OutRage. Eminem would not rap his homophobic songs and they would not demonstrate at the show’s venue.

Eminem had beefed up his security traveling with his entourage. His hotel is a closely guarded place.

OtRage, in the UK, said they had no objections on singers who expressed opinions on gay people, but they objected to public displays of hate and violence towards gay people, when material containing such nature, was preformed in public.

Eminem had responded in the past, denying he was homophobic. He said the use of certain words in his lyrics are not meant to be taken seriously.

Oct 10 2010 –Eminem said he banned explicit language at home. Although his lyrics contained a considerable amount of profanity and explicit language, Eminem never used the like in his personal life at home. He shows a good example to his 3 daughters and has banned them from using colorful language at home.

Eminem explained why he had two standards on the use of strong language. He said music was his art and his language was his expression.

Eminem is conscious of his responsibility as a father figure to 3 daughters, Whitney, Lainey and Hailie. In addition, Marshall Mathers has custody of his younger, half-brother, Nathan.

Eminem said his younger fans should not follow his language in his songs. He said their parents should teach them on manners and etiquette to use the correct form of language.

July 26 2010 – Eminem said his mentor friend, Sir Elton John, communicates with him weekly. Eminem said he remembered Sir Elton telling him that he would regain his perspective when he kept clean off drugs. Eminem said he realized things were falling into place for him when he started seeing things clearer as his head was clear.

June 17 2010 – Eminem backtracks as he now supports gay marriage. Eminem has denied being a homophobic rapper back in the day when ‘fagg***” was allegedly featured in rap. The gay movement has gained prominence over the years. Due to pressure and the change of tide, Eminem has started to publicly change his stance of gays.

June 15 2010 – Hailie Jade Mathers almost lost her father when he was heavily addicted to substances. Eminem opened up his personal battles with addiction when he gave an interview to Showbiz Tonight. He said he refused to acknowledge his problem and fell deep into an abyss. Eminem said he played the tough guy, avoiding facing the truth until Death stared at him in the face. If he didn’t admit his weakness and confront his demons, he may have died.

Eminem said his album, Recovery, was more than a work of art. It chronicled his journey recovering from an addiction that left him at death’s door.

Hailie Jade Mathers.

Hailie Jade Mathers

Hailie Jade Mathers photo.

Hailie Jade Mathers parents Eminem and Kimberly Scott.

Eminem was married twice to the same woman, Kimberly Anne Scott. Eminem and Scott were highs school friends and sweethearts. Eminem and Scott started dating in 1989.

A decade later, Eminem married Scott in 1999. Scott and Eminem had a rocky marriage, which ended in their first divorce in 2001.

After their first divorce in 2001, Eminem and Scott remained in touch and they thought they still loved each other.

By 2006, Eminem and Scott had re-married. This led to disaster as they again discovered they had difficulties as a married couple. Eminem and Scott divorced again, for the second time, in December 2006.

“My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem” by Debbie Nelson –
In 2008, Eminem’s mother, Debbie Nelson, said he was suffering from over eating because he was depressed and hurting. She claimed Eminem was comfort eating after being isolated from everyone, and becoming a recluse.

In Dec 2007, Eminem was warded in hospital, battling pneumonia and heart trouble. His weight was suspected to be the cause of his health problems. Eminem weighed 14 and ½ stone when his height was at 5 feet 7 inches.

Some of Eminem’s favorite foods are Mexican takeaways and fillet minion steak. When Eminem buys his food, he buys for everyone. He wasn’t eating alone while others sat by looking longingly. He was always ready to share. His friends, perhaps also wishing to eat, did not discourage him from ordering the high calorie food.

Eminem has often been photographed in night clubs, but he leaves early and reaches home by 9 pm. He tries to sleep early, but arises after a few hours of sleep as he is an insomniac. Sleep doesn’t come easy to Eminem.

What does Eminem do during the day? He watches TV, plays computer games, and sometimes works in his studio, recording his songs.

Debbie Nelson wrote a book, “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem”, to talk about him. She revealed he suffered after the second break up of his marriage to Kim. Kim had reconciled with Eminem and he re-married her but their second marriage only lasted 82 days. Ms Nelson said she wrote her book to remind her son about the long journey they had traveled together, and the good times they shared.

During Eminem’s early adulthood, he grew apart from Nelson and said she popped pills and lived on welfare. It took years before the mother and son pair repaired their relationship.

Eminem had a close friendship with Proof, another rapper. Proof was murdered outside a night club on 8 Mile Road. Eminem was affected by the death of his friend, whom he had known, since they were in their teens. Proof helped Eminem overcome his drug abuse and relationship problems with Kim.

After Proof died, Eminem’s relationship with Kim broke down. She claimed he returned to his old drug habits.

Eminem is a good father to Hailie. He returns home early to tuck her into bed. He drives his daughter to school, attends her parent teacher association meetings, sends her to dance classes, and tried to help her as a parent. She is the apple of his eye.

Eminem is so popular that he is often mobbed by fans when he appears in public. He surrounds himself with a posse of security and friends, to protect himself.

Hailie Jade Mathers

Eminem and baby daughter Hailie Jade Mathers

Hailie Jade Mathers

Eminem and daughter Hailie Jade Mathers

Hailie Jade Mathers

Eminem and daughter Hailie Jade Mathers

Feb 24 2011 – Eminem has 29 million likes on Facebook. Eminem, 38, has beat Lady Gaga. Eminem’s YouTube videos have been watched 1 billion times. On Feb 13, Eminem won Best Rap Album Award at the Grammy Awards 2011.

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