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Feb 162009

Elizabeth Wong, Selangor executive councilor, has naked photos which are being circulated now. P.J. Police said they will be recording statements from a reporter who discovered nude pictures of Elizabeth Wong being passed around. Elizabeth Wong is a politician in Malaysia.

Elizabeth Wong is the state assemblyman for Bukit Lanjan. Police are investigating. Police have not seen the so called nude photos of Elizabeth Wong and cannot confirm if the naked pictures are indeed belonging to Ms Wong.

Elizabeth Wong made a police complaint on Monday Feb 16 that a reporter informed her that her nude pictures were being circulated. Ms Wong claimed her nude pictures were taken while she was sleeping.

Petaling Jaya police appealed to the public to surrender the naked photos of Ms Wong and assist in the investigations.

Elizabeth Wong, is the tourism, consumer affairs and environment exco in Selangor, Malaysia. Ms Wong said somebody was out to discredit her, embarrass her, invade her privacy and outrage her modesty. Elizabeth Wong, 37, said she will continue her work and fight this case.

Elizabeth Wong news link.

Elizabeth Wong photo link.

Elizabeth Wong picture link. When we get more photos, we shall  upload them here.

Elizabeth Wong nude picture scandal. This link contains more links.

Sympathy for Elizabeth Wong in scandal.

Updated on Tue. Feb 17.

Elizabeth Wong has handed in her resignation to her party, the People’s Justice Party. The political party has not decide if they will accept her resignation.

Elizabeth Wong did not blame the governing National Front coalition directly for the scandal of her naked pictures. Sivarasa Rasiah, a leader in The People’s Justice Party, claimed it was gutter politics at work.

Updated Thur Feb 19.

Elizabeth Wong’s boyfriend was identified –

Hilmi Hazimin Abdul Malek & Elizabeth Wong: Hilmi Malek & Wong nude photos/videos

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  4 Responses to “Elizabeth Wong nude pictures: Elizabeth Wong naked photos”

  1. there is nothing to be ashamed about with regards to the human body.. we all are born through that channel..

  2. wanita paling bodoh yang berjaya jadi YB. Juga kepada majoriti penduduk dun bukit lanjan bodoh memilih wanita ini menjadi wakil mereka… hahahaha.. Tahniah kpd teman lekainya kerana berjaya memperdayakan seorang YB, bukan kerja senang tuuuu…. hahahahaha…

  3. the person took the picture absolutely a devil!

  4. this hilmi malek is a shameful guy. how could he do such a thing to someone he once loved and cared for, he is not a man.

    Christie Sagayam A/L K Aruptham

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