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Sep 112009

Elicia Hughes was accused of killing her husband, Brian Hughes, 32. Mrs Hughes was a school teacher who said she heard some sounds while sleeping at home on June 3, 2004.

Mrs Hughes said she went to the front door and found her husband Brian Hughes dead. During the first trial, Mrs Hughes was convicted of murder in Jan 2007.

Hinds County Circuit judge Winston Kidd ruled that the conviction was biased as the prosecutors used race as a factor in choosing the jury. Judge Kidd ordered a retrial.

By November 2007, Elicia Hughes was acquitted of the murder charge. Elicia Hughes has always maintained her innocence. The prosecutors believed she got away with murder.

The prosecution believed Brain Hughes was killed because he was unfaithful and Elicia wanted his insurance money.

NBC Dateline filmed a 2 hour documentary on Elicia Hughes’ story. The film is named “Cause for Alarm”.

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