Elaine Chappelle & Dave Chappelle (photos)

June 26 2011 – Dave Chappelle appeared in NY during the weekend. Chapelle had a new makeover while he stayed out of the limelight. He had been body building and putting on weight. Recent pictures showed Chapelle with muscular, well toned arm muscles. Chappelle killed rumors about a new show. Still, gossip persisted abut a new show that was being developed for him.

June 15 2011 – On Thursday, June 16, 2011, Dave Chappelle’s fans were excited over rumors that he was coming out to work on a new show. Chapelle had been away for a few years and was rumored to be considering a show with Crackle or Netflix. The networks are available for subscribers.

July 3 2010 – Dave Chappelle had an episode of air rage on July 2 when he was on board a private plane flying from New Jersey to Ohio. What happened to Chappelle? His wife Elaine and his sons Sulayman and Ibrahim are waiting for him back home in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The Chappelles stay on a farm.

Chappelle was on the plane when he became upset and refused to wear his seat belt. He got up to walk to the cockpit and asked his pilot the duration of the flight. Out of the blue skies, Chappelle grabbed his pilot’s arms.

The Captain of the flight decided Chappelle was a safety risk and he diverted the flight to Pittsburg. Chappelle disembarked and checked into a hotel room to spend the night on July 2.

The strangeness didn’t stop there. Chappelle talked to the hotel staff and said he wanted to rent a car to make the drive back to Ohio. Then he showed an apparent loss of memory by saying he forgot where he lived.

On the morning of July 3, Chappelle left his hotel.

Dave Chappelle hasn’t been heard from but his representative excused his air rage incident by saying he was upset because he really needed to go in a decent bathroom. The bathroom facility on board the plane failed to meet his expectations.

For religious and personal hygiene reasons, Chappelle may have wanted a conventional kind of bathroom, with a shower hose or washing facility to clean up after his business.

Dave Chappelle has been dodging questions of his mental health and physical health since May 2005, when he suddenly left the production of Chappelle’s Show, to visit South Africa. Dave said he was still mourning his father’s death in 1998 and need time to reflect. He complained about working 20 hour days, pressures working on the Chappelle Show, and the material.

Dave’s parents separated when he was young and he lived with his Mom, Yvonne Reed Chappelle, in Washington, but he spent summers with his Dad, William David Chappelle III, in Ohio. He said that being continually working meant he lacked time to take a reality check on himself. He explained he needed the trip to South Africa to recuperate or recharge his batteries.

Dave denied he had psychiatric or drug problems and said the emergence of these allegations only made him stay in South Africa more.

After this air rage incident, Dave Chappelle will be under scrutiny again.

Elaine Chappelle

Mrs Dave Chapelle

Elaine Chappelle

Elaine Chapelle original drawingpicture

Elaine Chappelle, husband Dave Chappelle, and sons Sulayman Chappelle and Ibrahim Chappelle.

Elaine Chappelle, husband Dave Chappelle, and sons Sulayman Chappelle and Ibrahim Chappelle.

Elaine Chappelle, husband Dave Chappelle, and one of their sons.

Elaine Chappelle, husband Dave Chappelle, and one of their sons.

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