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Jun 122009

Dustin Lance Black

Sep 2014 – Dustin Lance Black & Tom Daley maybe dating.

Jun 12 2009 – Dustin Lance Black & Jeff DeLancy
Dustin Lance Black, the screenwriter of the movie “Milk”, used to be a nobody who felt safe in obscurity. Black posed for sexual and explicit photos back in 2006. Black and his male friend were pictured in bed. The photos leave nothing to imagination about the sexual orientation of said gentlemen. There was information they went natural.

Jeff DeLancey

Black had no idea he would become an award winning screenwriter in 2008/9 after Milk was filmed. He may not have been so free with his picture taking.

Someone in Dustin Black’s close circle sold his sexy photos to a photo agency. Perez Hilton, the Queen of Gossip, discovered them and bought some rights to post them on his site. There may be a sex tape featuring Dustin Black and his partner. That maybe just waiting to get leaked out online for the right price.

Dustin Lance Black photos at Gawker (slightly safe for work).

Dustin Lance Black photos (Perez Hilton, unsafe for work link).

Updated June 13.

Dustin Lance Black has released a statement to respond to the widespread publication of his personal pictures. Black said it was unfortunate people chose to benefit from his private photos. Black apologized for sending the wrong message on unprotected sex. He stressed on the importance of safe sex.

A media source said Black had spoken to his lawyer and may sue the parties responsible for the sale and publication of his explicit photos. The person responsible may be the man Black was dating in the pictures.

Updated June 17 2009.

Jeff DeLancy is the man in the pictures with Dustin Black. Jeff DeLancy claimed he is straight. Delancy lives in Orange County, California. DeLancy maintains an adult entertainment site called FratBoyCam.com. DeLancy took FratBoyCam offline when the photo scandal broke. A source who knew the situation vouched that DeLancy was not the man who sold Black’s photos.

A source said DeLancy was upset over the publication of the Black photos and he left US for a week.

Jeff DeLancy photo.

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  1. Perez should be jailed. Dustin is a decent gay guy. This invasion is disgusting. Dustin has helped lots of gay young kids feel hope in their lives.

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