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Jan 082010

Dr Michael Mastromarino’s wife Barbra Mastromarino tells her story of how her life fell apart. Barbra married Dr Michael Mastromarino. The Mastromarino couple lived in Manhattan and had 2 children. Slowly, Dr Mastromarino’s personal problems began to surface.

One day, Mrs Mastromarino was informed Michael passed out in his office with a syringe in his arm. Barbra discovered Michael had a drug problem.

In 2000, Mrs Mastromarino was searching for her husband at night when she found him. Dr Mastromarino was stopped by police for something and there was a woman with him. Mrs Mastromarino discovered her husband cheated on her.

Dr Mastromarino lost his medical license so he started a business selling body tissue and bone for transplants.

In Feb 2006, Dr Mastromarino was arrested when he was accused of stealing human body parts from dead people. Some victims whose parts were harvested had hepatitis, HIV and cancer. Receivers of diseased body parts were at risk of contacting disease. Thousands of patients who received diseased body parts had their health compromised.

Mastromarino was convicted and sentenced to 25 – 75 years in prison for stealing, forgery, grand larceny and corruption.

Barbra Mastromarino appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about her past marital life. BM presented herself as a victim of her husband’s manipulation. Maybe Winfrey’s researchers for the Mastromarino story should do a followup program on some of Mastromarino’s real victims who are now suffering because of his ruthlessness.

Michael Mastromarino, Barbra Mastromarino

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  35 Responses to “Dr Michael Mastromarino wife Barbra Mastromarino tells story (photo)”

  1. What the heck is going on…..

    Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame.. Let it go…
    May everyone find peace… let him rest in peace May his family finally get peace.

    I have to make a correction , I was the last person who spoke and saw him..

  2. I never knew Michael when all this happened, but we did write to each other and talk on the phone daily , guess I was the last person to talk to him before he died. He didn’t deserve what happened to him so you all can go to hell , who the hell are you all to judge him and not forgive. Even jesus and god forgives everybody. At least he’s in a better place now and you all can leave him alone. Let him rest in peace. I’m so thankful for the time that I did get with Michael 8t was awesome and ill always remember him for being kind, smart and funny.

  3. to the girl who calls herself BaMaMichaels#1 your an idiot if you think your the only one he calls daily! I’ve worked for the DOC for almost a decade and inmates who are famous for their crimes get the most women! So go ahead and make an idiot of yourself by “professing” your love for a body-snatcher!! You are nothing but filth! This is a place to comment on the story, not to tell the world that your his new victim! if he CHEATED on the mother of his KIDS whom he LOVED dearly (it’s very clear from the story on lifetime) than he would have no problem burning your retarded ass. I like how you say your not an ex gf, what’s wrong honey were you not good enough to be one? were you just a side line til he went to prison? LOL I laugh at how pathetic you are to love a man whom cut up over a thousand dead bodies for GREED! Shame on you!
    I do believe Barab didn’t know beacuse she lived in a giant house and probably never even had to go in the garage! Even if she did know that’s not on her! She’s not the one who cut up bodies!
    To the cowards bringing the Mastromarino CHILDREN into this, you are scum yourselves for bad mouthing innocent CHILDREN!

  4. If you ever look at this Barbara, I just want you to know I adopted your cat Nero from the Humane Society in my area. I would have taken Simba as well but he was adopted out two weeks prior. We changed Nero’s name to Sinister which we thought quite fitting under the circumstances. He is a sweet loving cat and a great addition to our family.

  5. she liked the money and the lifestyle it brought–of course she knew!

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